The Spaceman In The Vatican Nativity Scene

The Catholic & Jesuit media (such as it is) are generally none-too-pleased with the latest nativity set displayed at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s square, which apparently includes an obvious astronaut as well as what is being described as a more sinister “Darth Vader” figure.

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On The Future Of Humanity In Space


I’ve had an interesting…meditation on this topic last night. For some context, I’m an avid reader about innovations in, and the future of, space exploration—though you know, certainly not an expert. I’ve always been fascinated by Timothy Leary’s belief regarding humanity’s destiny being in the stars, “Starseed.”

In his book Musings On Human Metamorphosis, Leary writes:

“Migration is nature’s classic solution to overpopulation, scarcity, and competition. When humanity begins to work for extraterrestrial migration, the competition for material acquisition will gradually diminish because unlimited space, energy, and resources await in the solar system.”

And I have…until yesterday night…really agreed with Leary on this point.


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