The Daily Eris: This Book Must Not Be Destroyed

Greetings. The most immediate impression I get of the Collective at the moment is that a rather large set of people in the U.S. are living in two completely different Reality Tunnels.

Furthermore: I frankly do not feel myself to be comfortable residing solely in either Tunnel. But I never really did.

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The Daily Eris 9.4.20: What? What. What? What.

“Another reason for the need of the long path’s prepatory work is that the mind, nerves, emotions, and body of the man shall be gradually made capable of sustaining the influx of the solar force, or spirit-energy.”

Paul Brunton

This day in 476 AD marks the traditional end of the Western Roman Empire.

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Re-Cyling: Why Things In Your Life Seem To Repeat Themselves


You ever notice how sometimes certain things in your life seem to repeat themselves? As if you have seen them before? It could be a new relationship that has uncanny similarities with a former one. It could be a particular person you ran into who seems almost like a doppelgänger of somebody else. It could be an illness, an accident, an incident, a coincidence.

Whatever it is, it may prompt the following observation/question within you: “Well, that’s odd. Why is this happening again?” Continue reading