The Daily Eris 9.4.20: What? What. What? What.

“Another reason for the need of the long path’s prepatory work is that the mind, nerves, emotions, and body of the man shall be gradually made capable of sustaining the influx of the solar force, or spirit-energy.”

Paul Brunton

This day in 476 AD marks the traditional end of the Western Roman Empire.

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The Manson-Nixon Line And The Eternal Story

Would you buy a used car from this man?

I’ve been reading a lot about Richard Nixon lately, and the period of time from 1968-1974. Those years had some really weird, dark energy; dark energy that the late Robin Williams summed up as “The Manson-Nixon Line.”

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The Daily Eris: RAW, JPL, And The Great Moon Hoax (Not Necessarily In That Order)

“It is now nearly 13 years since the ill-fated day when I first began investigating the terrible legends surrounding the enigmatic Bavarian Illuminati…”
–Robert Anton Wilson, “The Cosmic Trigger”

On this day in 1835, New York newspaper The Sun ran the first of six articles about the discovery of life on the moon. Attributed to the then-famous astronomer Sir John Herschel via the use of “an immense telescope of an entirely new principle,” the series would describe a lunar civilization filled with temples, unicorns, tail-less bipedal beavers, and a race of bat-like humanoids called Vespertilio-homo. 

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What Gus Gorman, Philip K. Dick, and the Elohim Have In Common


“No matchbook cover is going to spell out a message from the Elohim.”
–Philip K. Dick

Why YES Val, what DOES Superman III’s Gus Gorman, Philip K. Dick, and the Elohim have in common?!


For starters, let’s parse that starting quote from Philip K. Dick a bit.

What he is not saying is that you can’t glean a divine message from something as banal/trashy/ubiquitous as a matchbook cover.

What he is saying, within the full context of the passage from which I took the quote, is that to glean such a message from something as banal/trashy/ubiquitous as a matchbook cover is a two-part “unlocking” process.


Part 1: the matchbook cover

Part 2: that divine inspiration from within/without that allows you to “unlock” that message from the Elohim (or deity/entity of your choice).

According to Dick, the Elohim (or deity/entity of your choice) “hides” the Message in the matchbook cover (the “trash”) so the Archons can’t find it. Once the Archons find the message, they will use it/pervert it/exploit it for their own ends; so the message needs to be hidden from them as long as possible.


In the movie Superman III, Gus Gorman (played by Richard Pryor) literally finds the Message on the matchbook cover: it’s an ad to learn computer programming.


He felt like a loser and has just had his unemployment benefits run out…



…but in the process of taking this programming course he realizes he was a hidden genius all along.


“excuse me, Professor, I think I just invented Google.”

Indeed, originally the character Pryor was going to play in the movie was classic Superman villain “Brainiac.” While that didn’t happen, Gorman did build the pivotal super-computer at the movie’s climax.



Where does Gorman write the plans for said super-computer? Again, we see the motif of the treasures/truth in the “trash”:



The equations & codes are written on used napkins and a Camel cigarette wrapper.

Additionally, the Camel has some rich symbolism as regards to abundance and wealth provided by God (or the Elohim, or the deity/entity of your choice).

Now, we can compare the gigantic super-computer from Superman III to that of the far more esoteric Hudson Hawk; the latter “fueled” by an actual Merkabah.


the super-computer from Superman III…


…and Hudson Hawk

While Gus Gorman did side with the villains for most of the movie, he destroys his super-computer (though not before it creates a transhuman robot childhood nightmare) at the end and redeems himself. As a “reward,” Superman inexplicably flies him to a remote mining colony where he can finally get a “real” job.



Gorman refuses the “gift” and decides to just “walk home” without Supes (somehow navigating the hundreds of miles and whatever boundaries await him in the process).

Superman is supposed to be the hero of Superman III—but the Hero’s Journey is really Gus Gorman’s. As a comedian, Pryor was perfectly suited to play the savant-like Hero-As-Fool (a role that later Jim Carrey will be so known for).


Superman was supposed to be the “God” of the movie…but actually it was the unassuming matchbook cover. Hiding the “treasure” (deeper meaning about what it means to find your true calling) in the “trash” (the matchbook cover, the entire critically-panned Superman film).

The takeaway from all this?




Philip K. Dick On Order Vs. Change


from “How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later”
by Philip K. Dick

So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind.

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Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, And The Chemical Wedding Of Opposites


“Everything is reversed and backwards. The tiny religious medals of my grandmother—it’s a female Jesus and a slyly smiling Virgin Mary. The construction of all these backward things, these reversals, is by Alice. A very powerful being who can effect reversals in reality. ‘Reversal Alice.’ Clear image of a tall, Mediterranean-looking long brown hair, olive skinned, slim-waisted girl with Byzantine features but modern dress. She had an upside-down heart hanging from a necklace.”
— Dream, 4/4/03

“Specifically, though, I am told to cool it re Christ’s feminine nature.”
—Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

The dream that starts off this post was one of the most primal, archetypal, and possibly “controversial” I’ve had in my life. It features a character that has walked through a few of my dreams over the years: Reversal Alice. And she can, as this dream describes, “effect reversals in reality.”

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Are “Aliens” Actually Just Artificial Intelligence?


I argue, then, that man as a species may be coming to an end, subsumed into a higher level of organizational complexity; and a new species may be evolving out of him. I argue, finally, that the hyper-structure is to some degree actively involved in promoting this, since it is an evolutionary process in which it is involved.
–Philip K. Dick

A common theme I read in many accounts of alleged extraterrestrial visitations is that of a metallic, almost electronic voice. Related to that is the paranoid feeling that what the person is really interacting with is some sort of computer. Author Philip K. Dick went so far as to refer to VALIS, the (extraterrestrial? extra-dimensional?) “entity” he claimed to have interacted with/been possessed by, as an “AI”—artificial intelligence.

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