The Daily Eris: This Magic Moment

The control of anxiety has to ultimately be a spiritual discipline, the cornerstone of which is Faith.


On this day in 312, Constantine the Great had his famous Vision of the Cross, though accounts of the exact chain of events & envisioned symbol vary. A few days ago, I had a dream that God was the late comedian Richard Pryor. Where is my religious cult? (The dream, of course, fits in with my overall belief that Jesus was actually far funnier than people give Him credit for.)

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Moonology: Prominent Moon Syncs This Week

I wanted to give this topic a brief individual spotlight, as there is a lot to write in today’s Daily Eris & I didn’t want it to get lost. In short: this week started memorably with a trinity of prominent Moon-related items in the news, and will end just as memorably with some rather robust astrological aspects.

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