The Daily Eris 9.2.20: The War Between Pisces and Aquarius

“First we worship the blind god, then we worship the sighted one.”

From a dream

Today, if you believe in such things, is a Full Moon in Pisces. Personally, I am a Pisces with almost an Aquarius cusp; a couple of months ago I decided to “switch” to Aquarius exclusively. I was hoping it would improve my credit rating.

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Jokers, Goddesses, And Talking Heads

Introduction: First, if you are new to this blog, please be advised that it is generally a synthesis of esoteric ideas, pop-cultural analysis, and a bit of my own life. I may jump from one idea to another quite frequently and/or without warning; this type of narrative may-or-may-not be of interest to you.

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“Brain Download” On The Coronavirus (My Thoughts) Part 2

Right now where I live, there is an excessive amount of people dying of the coronavirus—not just in the hospitals, but at home. In theory, every life is precious, and even a single death should be considered excessive. But 700+ people a day (I believe, not counting those found dead at home) seems to me to be the *very* definition of excessive.

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My 5 Most Important Spiritual Dreams


There is a term in dream-study called Big Dreams: these aren’t like kinda sketchy super-symbolic vague wisps of dreams, nor are they nightmare-filled anxiety dreams, or even yummy sort of wish-fulfilling dreams. No, Big Dreams are, as it the name suggests, BIG DREAMS. Archetypal dreams. Dreams that change your life. Dreams that you sometimes can bring back to the village and maybe tell the others over a fire or perhaps turn into a video game or something.

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