The Daily Eris: I’m On Ducktales, Larry

Well, it’s clear to me that this site’s search engine visibility is gutted, most likely because it contains too many “Conspiracy Culture” type words. Not complaining about it, not surprised in the least about it. And my other site still has very excellent SEO.

But my dilemma thus far is as follows:

The only real way I can get hits on this site is through word-of-mouth or through message boards/social media platforms frequented by those interested in the esoteric. Now, a big portion of the latter is, unfortunately, crammed with highly conservative individuals of the “Trump Jesus Eight More Years China Virus Hoax 5G Evil” variety. And I’m just not interested in that.

(Now, just the fact I put in all those keywords like 5G just now? This is why my SEO is gutted.)

We are at a point where things are just extremely polarized. The (partly tongue-in-cheek) bipartisan “Conspiracy Culture” of the 1990s that Robert Anton Wilson specialized in is scarce & most likely highly underground/under-the-radar. The rest was very studiously hijacked by the Far Right over the last ten years.

Trump Cult is one of those “dividing lines” between the left & right fringe; gender nonconformity is another. So it’s just not gonna work for me. Which is all to say: I do not see myself going back on the Alex Jones show any time soon.

It sucks in the sense that…I think we do need to question authority. I think we need to question the experts. And while I think Biden/Democrats are preferable to Trump Cult GOP, the former still needs oversight and a critical/satirical eye.

But in order to have true satire…you need to have people who comprehend irony.

Even Wilson in Cosmic Trigger I bemoaned the fact that peeps were taking his satire literally.


I noticed today on Twitter that a number of peeps in the esoteric online community were distancing themselves from the extreme Right racist Q-Swamp. And this is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a fucking mess.

But I said it before & I’ll say it again: peeps running some of these sites/message-boards/YouTube channels shit the bed starting nearly a decade ago by flirting with the extreme Right. They shit the bed, and now crazy people are trying to blow up AT&T and attempt a “People’s Coup”…and to cover their ass a lot of these social media platforms & search engines (cough-Google!-cough) are using their algorithms to ban/bury certain keywords. And that was inevitable.

The Post-Information Age. But some of that information was shit, and the irony-deficient couldn’t handle being exposed to it without going crazier than a shithouse rat. And…as I’ve said before…I don’t know what the answer is to all this.


I continue to really enjoy working in my art journals. I sometimes think that many of my more esoteric/controversial ideas & interests might be better served through this medium, at least for the foreseeable future.


The 1990s are over.

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