The Daily Eris: Follow-Up

A couple of things I wanted to briefly follow up on since yesterday’s post…

First, I wanted to address the 2021 “predictions” I had mentioned. I basically had a spontaneous meditation session late in the night of Christmas Eve. I felt like I was having a conversation with the Peter Capaldi Doctor, which is probably already more information than you needed to know.

One thing I gleaned from that meditation is that 2021, at least in America, was going to be marked by a series of domestic terrorism type incidents inspired in part by Trump’s rantings, and in part by current conspiracy theories in general. These incidents would create (obviously) a backlash against “conspiracy culture” on the part of the mainstream media/tech companies/government, and a lot of fringe online material was going to get flagged/buried/removed.

Receiving this info, I innocently asked: “well when will these events start?” And the answer was, “pretty fucking soon.”

The next morning, of course, was…

As more information comes out about the Nashville incident, it seems more and more likely that not only was it “domestic terrorism” in nature, but possibly linked to paranoia about 5G (an absolute staple of current fringe conspiracy topics).

This creeped the fuck out of me. The coincidence, the ramifications, everything. This is why even though I believe psychic phenomena of various stripes does exist, they may not be psychologically advisable to entertain.

But you don’t need to be psychic or a channeler of the great alien mind Zorgo to come to the conclusion that especially as the result of the past year & COVID/Elections/Psycho-Trump, incidents of domestic terrorism would increase in 2021. Indeed, as much as some New Agey peeps would like to envision 2021 as this blissful “antidote” to 2020, logic dictates that such massive societal and bureaucratic chaos was going to spill over to the next year on the calendar.

And I also have no suggested “remedy” to the apparent radicalization of various peeps by online conspiracy theories other than maybe limiting the access to said conspiracy theories…but even that’s not really going to work. Nothing makes a conspiracy theorist more paranoid than censorship; nothing makes them more assured that the conspiracy really exists than being censored. That’s the paradox; it’s a cycle that feeds itself. And I don’t know what the answer is.

I would say, as I’ve said before on this blog, that a lot of the fringe pundits out there have really shit the bed over the last several years, especially due to their worship of an absolute piece of crap like Trump. They warned about fascism, and warned about fascism…and as soon as a fascist that was on “their side” got into power, they were all like “yay martial law” and etc. And so: fuck those people.

An addendum regarding the whole “predicting 2021” thing was the intuition that as the year progressed, a good portion of the masses (not just the MAGA types) would very likely blame the Biden administration for being too “nanny state” about the virus/economic recovery/etc. That many people (add the mainstream media in there) were going to forget what a shithole America was under Trump. This is also a case where that just makes logical sense & you certainly don’t need a “psychic” to tell you this. That’s just how humans are. That’s just how they are, man.

This is all not to let Biden & Co. off the hook or deem them “above” criticism. I guess it’s just that we (at least in the U.S.) are in the middle of a goddamn crisis; a really-real fucking crisis, and a lot of Americans have flunked the test. Go watch the end of the original The Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu knew the score!

So while I believe the 2020 presidential election was mostly legit, I highly doubt the American people will “really” be allowed to directly pick their next leaders—because they failed the fucking test.

I love “ironic-hip” Conspiracy Culture of the mid-1990s/Robert Anton Wilson variety. But it is clear to me that this type of material & philosophy in the hands of people who cannot comprehend irony is a fucking disaster.

Again: don’t know what the answer is here. Censorship? Again, that’s a self-feeding cycle. Certainly, I think a ton of content is going to get buried/removed, including some of mine.

Which brings me to…well, what the fuck am I going to do?

1) I agree with some media prognosticators that the “future” is not in “broadcast” content via mass-market platforms like YouTube, the public Twitter/Facebook as we know it, and of course “blogs.” Instead, we are going to have more private/curated/direct delivery of content to specific groups.

2) I still remain interested in the esoteric as far as shamanism, magick, and mythologies are concerned. But it is clear to me that some of this material is not Ready For Prime Time & the general public.

3) And so I tweak & refocus, which is all anyone can do.


The other follow-up I wanted to do was per my discussion of my Brazilian ancestral lineage as addressed in the previous post. The night following that post (which was last night), I had a massive massive sort of life-changing “ancestor spirits” type dream.

And so that was something else that happened.


I am not pessimistic about 2021 per se. But it will be, to an extent, a shitshow dealing with the fallout of the previous year. And the best thing you can do is not depend exclusively on this or that “authority” and maintain instead a balanced viewpoint moderated by discernment. And given our present circumstances, even that type of advice, I’m sure, is considered “radical” and potentially dangerous. Because collectively, we’ve really polarized into “all this/all that” mentality. And Bob Wilson’s philosophy regarding the subjectivity of reality is just not going to fly in the mainstream at the moment.

(For more insights, check out “The Post-Information Age”)

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

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