The Daily Eris: The Winter Pages

I’m not much in the mood to write lately.

I’ve stopped drinking alcohol 3 months ago & I’m mostly fine with that. I’m now 30 pounds lighter than I was this same time last year. So certainly, I’m fetishizing the fact that most of my pants don’t fit anymore.

Due to increasingly painful, disruptive, and heavy menstrual cycles my doctor has also put me on birth control. This is really the first time I’ve ever regularly been on birth control, and stupid me I did not realize that “the pill” is literally a dose of female hormones. So per my last couple of posts, I feel I’m…in weird territory.

(Edit: and all this does not include my cardiology appt. next week so yay)

Here are the collages I’ve done since starting my new journal a couple weeks ago. I have left out the “I love my family, Christmas time yay!” sentimental section. Enjoy.

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