The Daily Eris: Short Sermon on the Verge of 2021

Lemme sum up the situation we are collectively entering into as 2021 is shortly upon us. Basically: we (collectively) spent so much time being concerned with Trump & his hysterics that we didn’t pay attention to a whole bunch of other things that, thanks to COVID, have greatly accelerated.

This is by no means letting ol’ Trumpie off the proverbial hook (he is, at the moment, fixed upon that hook rather securely). But over the last 4 years big tech has acquired a stupid amount of massive near-omnipotent power. Over the last 4 years the pieces have been put in place via AI/automation to wipe out a stupid amount of jobs in both the blue- and white-collar sectors. And over the last 4 years we have been inching towards an offworld “solution” to everything from irreversible climate change to widespread & chronic unemployment.

This is, in part, the future we have already entered, and it might seem shocking to some. Maybe we should have been prepared for it better via the media that was largely concerned instead with the reality show playing out in Washington D.C. But to be fair to said media, most people don’t want to read the science/tech/finance parts of the news anyway; they want to read about the fights.

To be clear: we are not entering a brand new paradigm. Because of the coronavirus, we’re already there; most of us are just a little too dazed and battered-feeling to fully realize it.

At least in the United States, it would have been great to have built a stronger social safety-net to prepare the masses for what has come & what is coming. But because of Trump’s outsized-fuckuppery, many of the more “progressive” among us have accepted—and will continue to accept—a wishy-washy middle-of-the-road Democrat with strong ties to Wall Street as the “savior” alternative to Orange Hitler.

It’s almost as if…this was all planned, a grand narrative of the Good Guys beaten in the second act only to rise victorious in the third. And there are indeed people who do believe it was all literally planned & scripted; though a good portion of them also think Trump was the Chosen One by God, and that Biden is a servant of The Red Guy.

I do not believe that most of this was literally planned. There is no Hollywood scripter who was secretly hired to come up with all that has happened and all that will happen (unless his name happens to be either Jehovah or Hermes).

Nevertheless…I do think it is a Narrative; one that the majority of journalists and pundits and marketers have lazily taken the lead from.

It feels to me…almost like a comic book narrative; and I say that in part because I have indeed edited and even wrote actual comic books.

In this Narrative, Trump is of course the Bad Guy. And the Good Guys have won, justice will be restored, the virus is going to be eradicated, and we are going to enter this hi-tech bountiful new age of wonder and love. And the Ewoks dance around the campfire, etc.

Now: I think that as a Collective we actually do need to enjoy & celebrate this present situation, I mean from an archetypal (albeit temporary) perspective. I mean…the roughly slightly more-than-half of United States citizens who didn’t vote for a dude who kept Hitler’s speeches by his bedside should celebrate. (We’ll go into the lively prevailing iconography/narrative of that slightly less-than-half of U.S. citizens in a different post.)

But by the time 2021 is off & running, and ideally before the media gushing over having a more-or-less competent president has ceased, we need to wake the fuck up.

That’s all I’m saying. We collectively need to wake the fuck up, and apply some critical thinking.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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