Alleged “Canadian Epstein” Peter Nygard Arrested On Sex Crime Charges

I feel compelled to say a few things about today’s arrest of retail fashion magnate Peter Nygard. He’s been charged with sex trafficking and racketeering by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, including the sexual assault of “underage women” a.k.a. children.

This motherfucker had a big multi-level store in Times Square, which is how he initially got in my radar. Some describe him as the “Canadian Jeffrey Epstein,” whose unsavory reputation apparently precedes him in his home country for decades. In fact, his own son accuses him of hiring a sex worker to rape him at age 15 to “turn him into a man.”

I think it was Amanda Ellis who predicted months ago that this year was going to end with some high-profile revelations of massive malfeasance by big names. And it should be no surprise to anyone that Nygard has definite connections with Prince Andrew, who’s also been recently raked over the coals for his own alleged sex crimes.

Here is the dilemma I face when pondering this latest celebrity arrest. Thanks to conspiracy theorists on the far right side of the ideological spectrum, the idea of high-powered pedophiles being allowed to commit crimes with impunity has been largely discredited as the rantings of MAGA lunatics. This situation has not been helped by the fact that they usually hold Trump up as this saint who of course is a crusader against sex crimes.

But it does seem that there has indeed been a pattern of these famous well-connected peeps like Epstein, Nygard, Jimmy-fucking-Saville, fucking Subway Jared, and so on actually being involved with child sex abuse.

So which is it?!

And has there been no greater ally for the celebrity child-rapist than the frothing-at-the-mouth “QPizza” conspiracy theorist?

I knew a woman who dated Epstein’s brother & also worked as a producer in Hollywood. She told me that the reason these rich and famous peeps turn to child abuse and etc., even though they could get any sex worker of legal age, is as follows: “it is the last frontier for those who have done it all.”

That’s some fucked up shit, folks. But again: thanks to the “QPizza” MAGA crew, I can’t discuss this topic without normies regarding me as if I need a shot of Thorazine.

Beyond that, it is clear to me after 4 decades on this planet that child abuse of both males & females is shockingly common. Shockingly common, depressingly common, and it’s often silenced, and it often fucks up lives to astonishing degrees. And until we as a society fully face the rot festering from within, I see no end to it.

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