Discordianism, Meme Magick, And Political Witchcraft

Some historians & pundits believe much of what we think of as Witchcraft as a conscious tool of female empowerment was just made up in the last 50 years by people looking to sell a few more books and classes. As my Brazilian great-grandmother was a medicine woman of sorts, I have some immediate disagreement with that suggestion…but maybe here (probably) I’m confusing traditional folk magic and indigenous practices with what we think of as the modern Craft.

But a lot of this does seem through the centuries–and, indeed, through the millennia–to have a common thread of empowering the less powerful: empowering women, the poor, displaced/enslaved native populations, etc..

You have two major stripes of esoteric knowledge: the one the peeps in power have, and the Resistance. It seems to me. Or maybe that’s just George Lucas.

And so, whom do the Gods really favor, in all this? History’s “winners?” Or the Underdogs? I suppose if you keep going on a certain ascension trajectory it stops being important. But I can’t pay my rent on what the peeps in the 8D are concerning (or not concerning) themselves with.

To change the topic, a bit (but maybe tangentially related)…there seems to me to have been a lot of “meme magic” and shit like that going on in the past decade. I’m going to bundle the famed Nooscope and (fuck it) the Large Hadron Collider in there. A lot of stuff went down on behalf of a lot of powerful people as like this “shadow war” for control.

And, of course, the result:

Which is to say: some-body or -bodies either REALLY messed up–or else, “it’s all part of the plan.”

I dunno which.

If it was all a massive Discordian “shit post”–and by shit post I mean irrevocably changing the history of humankind for the worse, for the lulz–nah, it’s still pretty bad.

But one could say…that Discordianism in the early 1960s kinda kicked this all off. Kerry Thornley creates Discordianism…Kerry Thornley fights alongside Lee Harvey Oswald in the military…Discordianism partially inspires Robert Anton Wilson to co-write the Illuminatus! trilogy…then Wilson notices that stuff he came up with as a “joke” in the books seem to either be “coming true” or at least an increasing number of peeps believe they are true…

In fact, not only was Thornley hanging out with some super-politically questionable people (fascist sympathizers) when coming up with the “meat” for the Discordian religion, but he himself admitted he hated JFK and wanted him dead! He says in his memoir The Dreadlock Recollections that when he found out at his job that JFK was assassinated, he was happy and cheering and his co-workers thought he was an asshole.

And, just as a coincidence…his old war buddy Oswald gets fingered for the murder. Even Thornley thought that was fucked up!

To bring this all back to the most recent era…do you really think that this whole alt-right/Trump thing organically emerged from the muck? This (at least the marketing of the alt-right as a cool meme for incels) was planned at least a decade ago–channeling angry energy from conspiracy theorists about Bush and 9/11 through the burgeoning paranoia and xenophobia over Obama becoming president. And it was done, in part, very consciously using chaos memes (Pepe, Joker, Guy Fawkes, etc.) as magick.

But the one thing the mainstream media does have trouble supporting is anything too sincere, too truly grass-roots…and, most especially, anything that’s going to piss off the people who ultimately pay their bills.

And what do we call all these reality show theatrics…social media manipulation…smoke and mirrors…

…I humbly suggest we call it (wait for it) “witchcraft.” Or: magick. A type of sorcery.

Per Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces Book One:

Our culture in the West—formed as it is by a faith in science, a reliance on the technological—has convinced us to ignore the unseen. There is a web of connections between visible events and visible, measurable phenomena that we cannot see, cannot measure—so our response has been to ignore this web in favor of what we can see and measure. The blind leading the blind. The drunk looking for his keys under a lamp post because the light is better there. We know—can describe—the stages of growth of flowers, animals, people… but not the life force itself, the drive: what engineer, inventor and mystic Arthur Young called “the quantum of action.” Of this we know nothing, and are happy to know nothing. And thus we become victims…

…The people we trust are those who can measure the measurable. The people we distrust are those who point to the invisible and shout to get our attention. Our world is marching calmly to an obscure and unknowable end because we, the people, hear the drum, feel the beat, know our place in line. That’s better, somehow, than jumping off the path into the dark forest where God dwells like a hungry tiger. There is too much personal responsibility in jumping out of line, and if you then try to jump back in, you will find you have lost your place and your fellow marchers no longer want you to join them. You are dirty; you are crazed; you have seen what they are afraid to see.

Just as a footnote…the long-awaited sequel/reboot of the classic 1996 horror movie The Craft was released around Halloween of 2020, and apparently X-Files star David Duchovny plays a evil warlock.

Both The Craft (which I’ve written about here) and X-Files were HUGE pop-culture figures for me during those most formidable years between college and my first “real” job. The X-Files introduced me to Conspiracy Culture, and The Craft to Witchcraft. So to see them sort of both brought together like this…it’s weird. I feel like it’s trying to tell me something, like there’s a message there.

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