The Spaceman In The Vatican Nativity Scene

The Catholic & Jesuit media (such as it is) are generally none-too-pleased with the latest nativity set displayed at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s square, which apparently includes an obvious astronaut as well as what is being described as a more sinister “Darth Vader” figure.

The display was created between 1965 and 1972 by the F.A. Grue” Art Institute in Italy’s Abbruzo region, part of a 54-statue set. Every year, a nativity scene is chosen from a different part of the country, emphasizing Italy’s cultural diversity.

But the big question is: why was that scene chosen in 2020?

Well…obviously, there’s been a lot of talk both about the new “space race” as well as, frankly, aliens, over the past year. The Vatican is many things, but a bunch of Luddite rubes who believe the Earth is flat is not one of them.

You know: the Vatican, with their own state-of-the-art online digital library. The Vatican, who has maintained a long relationship with NASA. The Vatican, who has a space observatory in Arizona right next to Large Binocular Telescope (a.k.a. “Lucifer”…no, I’m not making this shit up, here’s the article from Popular Science).

The Vatican, home of Pope Francis: who in 2014 said they should baptize Martians. The Vatican, former home of Pope Benedict, who said in 2010 that they should baptize an alien.

The Vatican, folks. And I can say all this because I was not only raised Catholic, I’m not only 1/2 Italian…but my ancestors come from the Abbruzo region of Italy!

The Vatican, folks.

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