The Great American Eclipse, Part 2: Trump, Biden, And The Dec. 14 New Moon

In July of 2017, astrologer Wade Caves published an examination of “The Great American Eclipse”–a total solar eclipse on August 21 of that year, which he felt had great negative bearing on the fate of President Donald Trump.

President Trump looks right into the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017

We are now at the tail-end of 2020, facing another total solar eclipse on December 14. And while Trump is still indeed with us as president for just a bit longer…he has also as of late placed himself in a completely bananas situation that might, if not spark outright civil war, at least cause a lot of crazy shit in the United States.

The new moon on the 14th is not just a total solar eclipse, but will be accompanied by a number of other interesting astronomical aspects including a meteor shower (the Geminids) and the sighting of a comet. The eclipse also takes place, weirdly, exactly halfway between the Great American Eclipse of August 21 2017, and another on April 8, 2024. This third eclipse is known as the “Greater Northern Eclipse,” and encompasses the entire Biden presidency.

Wrote Caves in 2017 regarding the significance of astrology & its impact on the nature of time:

“Astrologers seek to understand the ways in which each moment asserts its own distinctive quality, and while exact signatures will not be replicated again, something in them ripples out into both past and future. Left to terrestrial devices, we naturally see time as 2-dimensional: that the future is born from the past. What the study of celestial movements makes clear is that the future herself plays midwife to the past, almost as if she is coaxing certain probabilities forward over others.”

With the electors giving in their final votes, the 14th of December represents the “official” confirmation of the Joe Biden presidential victory, at a time where Trump has doubled-down on insisting that the election was “stolen.” In a larger sense, this new moon fittingly represents the beginning of a new era in American history, an era that sees both Biden as our president and the continuing legacy of Trump’s influence on the political and sociological landscape.

It is the opinion of this author that we are currently in unprecedented times, not just because of the election & the pandemic but a bunch of other factors that would need its own post to fully elaborate on. And the combination of all these events will lead to a very weird future, of which the eclipse of 2024 is the bookend.

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