The Daily Eris: My Own Private Necronomicon

Well folks, I’ve been having gastrointestinal/hormonal/who-the-fuck-knows issues for a couple of weeks now. Was it the Jenny Craig? Was the alcohol I haven’t drank in two months actually an integral part of my nutritional structure & I just didn’t realize it? Am I finally at that beautiful point in my overall cycle of life where my dwindling supply of estrogen has gone bugfuck crazy & I’m ready to embrace the Dark Goddess? All of the above?

I do not know. I am seeing a doctor about it, so I guess that’s good.

But it’s really impacting my ability to write on a daily basis in a manner that is satisfactory to me. Alternatively, I’ve been getting a lot of art stuff done in my journals. So here are some recent pages from the last few days. It’s kinda all one continuity, anyhow. Enjoy! (Please excuse the extremely messy crafting desk)

I have images of some of the pages I did immediately before this (including some Doctor Who stuff) at the end of this post.

And the lead image of this particular post is taken from a journal I actually did like 17 years ago:

Like I said: it all seems to be one continuity. Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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