The Daily Eris: Words Are Dynamic

Another late-in-the-day entry, but at least I get points for consistency!

I have to pay attention when I start to subconsciously start picking up “habits.” For example, my apparent movement over the past 4 months from a mostly digital archive & journaling system back to physical paper.

To be sure, there has certainly been a “remixing” of the archived material as it gets transferred by hand to the pages in my scrapbooks; but I think that is to be expected. We think of “archives” as permanent. We mistakenly think of certain blogs & websites as “permanent.” But it is all, ultimately, dynamic. It is all ultimately transient.

While I have borrowed the inspiration for my scrapbooking adventures from the many women who demonstrate these arts on YouTube & Pinterest, it has inevitably taken on a shamanic flavor for me. Such is pretty much everything I do; again, largely subconscious in origin.

(Though I would also argue that for the “mainstream” scrapbookers & journalers, it’s all sort of shamanic/spiritual or at least a good dose of healthy emotional processing.)

The best examples of art/collage in my journals evolve quickly & organically. The pieces sort themselves. And that, in my opinion, is also the rhythm of life. Everything seems to sort itself out, and it’s commonly attributed to a mix of human ingenuity & randomness. But after over 4 decades in this particular incarnation I really do believe there is also some type of “outside” intelligent organizing principle at play as well. An organizing & narrative principle.

And it doesn’t seem to me that we can face the looming obstacles in this world to our own security, happiness, and self-actualization without taking that outside intelligent organizing/narrative principle into consideration.

When we are taught in school & by society to embrace the concept of a solely material world held in place by an unblinking unthinking random galactic pulse…we are being robbed of a crucial portion of our self-empowerment. I think, anyway.

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