The Daily Eris: Northwest by Northwest

This might be somewhat late for a Daily Eris posting, but my sense of time is all fakakta after writing the previous post 3 AM this morning.

Trying to stay ebullient about humanity, but if I’m honest it’s hit-or-miss.

Now, on this day in 1974 not one but two Boeing 727s crashed in the United States. (Do I have your attention yet?)

The first, TWA Flight 514, crashed northwest of Dulles International Airport; all 92 people on board were killed. The second crash involved Northwest Airlines Flight 6231, occurring just northwest of JFK Airport. The plane was on-route to pick up the Baltimore Colts in Buffalo, and only its 3-person crew had perished.

Now: on this day in 1984, NASA conducted a Controlled Impact Demonstration whereby they intentionally (and of course remotely) crashed a Boeing 720 into a gigantic fireball. The test was four years in the making.

I will spare you the story about the passenger plane (a McDonnell Douglas MD-80) that went down on this day 1981 in Corsica. Suffice to say: today has shit aircraft energy. But it’s almost halfway over, and I think we’re gonna be okay. I don’t fly anyhow unless it’s absolutely necessary because, well, the whole morbid obsession with aircraft disasters.

I’m also—as I’ve previously stated in other posts—fun at parties.

Legendary comedian Richard Pryor was born on this day in 1940. I’ve been obsessed with Pryor from a very, very, very young age. I was first introduced to him through a guest spot on Sesame Street, though this all sort of escalated to the SNL job-interview sketch where he called Chevy Chase a “dead honky” pretty damn fast.

I used to imitate Richard Pryor, complete with expletives, in early grade-school; and though I somehow intuitively knew that the n-word was off-limits, I used the 4-letter f-word a lot.

A lot. (And still do to this day)

When I found out that two of my biggest fandoms at the time, comic books & Richard Pryor, were going to team up for Superman III in 1983, my head was going to explode. The film itself—much like the previous year’s Pryor-starrer The Toy—was a bit of a disappointment. The super-cool badass motherfucker was seemingly replaced by a somewhat buffoonish, cowering, beleaguered slapstick artist.

(You can read my thoughts about Pryor’s character in the Superman movie, and how it relates to the second revelation of the Elohim, here; I also have a review of the comic book adaptation of Superman III and how it related to the larger early-Eighties computer culture here.)

(The stuff about The Toy is interesting, in that ten years later in 1992 the comedian seen as the “next big thing” right after Pryor, Robin Williams, starred in another WTF comedy called Toys. We’ll kibitz about all this some other time.)


Pulled a few tarot cards regarding the 2021 energy; so far, I’m getting that it’s going to be Fellini’s Satyricon all over the world once the COVID vaccine comes out. Also, that it’s probably already low-key Fellini’s Satyricon (especially in the United States) as a result of the pent-up morbid frustration due to the COVID.

I keep telling those who know me that I plan to travel a lot during 2021, but they seem to…not quite “scoff,” but react in a soft bemused skepticism. Because: I’m a neurotic agoraphobic hot mess. It has taken great pains for me to pretend I don’t like to have an excuse to not venture outside in the 3-dimensional world for weeks at a time; and, truth be told, I have done a patently poor job pretending such.

Nevertheless, I suspect 2021 (if, for no other reason that it’s “2012” just jumbled) will be an interesting year. Maybe.

And that’s it. Here are a few journal pages I worked on today…

…thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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