The Daily Eris: This Is Me Establishing A Folksy Rapport

There are people who believe that everything happens for a specially orchestrated reason. And there are those who believe we operate in a totally random universe.

And then there are the jerks. Like me.

I’ve been going to sleep listening to Rudolf Steiner lectures lately, and they’ve been giving me really bizarre, dare-I-say psychedelic dreams. I wasn’t ready to get into Steiner for a long time. You know, you gotta be ready for certain thinkers and mystic-types.

A young Rudy Steiner in his John Cusack phase

Like, Alan Watts: Alan Watts I’ve been into for at least a decade. I used to play Watts when I was recovering from particularly nasty hangovers. But Steiner has been rather impenetrable to me. That whole Theosophy stuff has been opaque (though Steiner, to be precise, was into Anthroposophy). And truth be told, there are aspects of Theosophy that are, through guilt-by-association, sort of problematic.

You know what else is problematic? Humanity. Our capitalist system as it currently stands, on the verge of complete and total implosion as the mistreated impoverished overworked masses are pretty much ready to lose their shit. That’s problematic.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that said if we can’t feed & adequately take care of the masses, all the efforts to “save the environment” won’t really matter. That’s not what I personally believe, mind you. But that’s what my subconscious apparently believes; or Torgo the alien telepath who crashes my rem sleep (one or the other).

Now, a week or so before Election Day in 2004 I had a dream focusing on Joe Biden. John Kerry was in that dream too. I want to make you feel better about my current overall psychological makeup and assure you that I believe that dream 16 years ago was merely a coincidence, and had zero to do with the fact that Biden is now most likely (for all intents & purposes) our new prez. I want to assure you of that.

But I can’t.

I have no pressing problem with Biden or Kamala Harris. To be sure, they do both have some problematic aspects. But most humans, as I’ve indicated before, are problematic. Jesus tells us to love them anyway. That’s largely in Matthew 5. I’m having a real problem getting past Matthew 5 in my own little informal Bible study.


I’ve known by this point several people who virtually deify Donald Trump as a type of religious figure. As I’ve said on this blog a number of times before, I think of him instead as the Ozymandias squid from the Watchmen graphic novel. And you may counter that assessment by pointing out that Trump didn’t bring the world together the way that Ozy’s plan did.

But I think Trumpy did bring the world together. He brought the Democrats and the Reagan/Bush old school GOP together, for starters. Trump was so terrible, he convinced a goodly number of progressives & liberals to actively campaign for the relatively conservative old white guy; now we’re gonna hear “but at least he’s not Trump!” from many in this crowd for years in response to any criticism of the new administration.

The sun goes up, the sun goes down. The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other way.


With the Biden era & 2021 we plunge headfirst as a species into a highly accelerated time of “future shock.” It is a time the media would have better prepared us for, had not the immense sociopathic manchild in the White House distracted them for the last 4 years (at the same time generating for them tons of clicks and ad revenue).

Now, some conspiracy-minded types believe that this new era, aided by COVID-19, is part of a highly-orchestrated “Great Reset.” But I don’t think it was necessarily highly-orchestrated at all. Nor do I think it’s all random.

Because: I am a contrarian jerk.



On my latest to-do list I’ve jotted down a few smeary scrawly notes to the effect that I must establish a better & more consistent rapport with my readers/viewers. You know, do more of a folksy “AA Meeting In The Basement Of That Weird Church On The Corner” type of thing.

So here, in brief, is what’s happening in my life at the moment. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds on the Jenny Craig in about a month-and-a-half. To be fair & accurate about it, part of that weight loss is also due to the fact that I don’t polish off a take-out double-margarita baggie immediately followed by several bottles of foo-foo fancy IPA anymore.

With sobriety (and I’m not going to be like it’s permanent but it’s certainly going to be around a while for the immediate foreseeable future) comes the startling and somewhat unsettling realization of exactly why you were drinking so much to begin with.

And part of the reason, for me, is similar to that of the cult 1970’s anthropomorphic Marvel Comics character Howard the Duck: I’ve always felt like I’ve lived in a world I never made. Which is another way of saying: humans are problematic. And I’m problematic probably, too; I mean, to other humans. And probably to other ducks as well.

Anyway. I’m going to return now to watching Chris Farley try to make Adam Sandler break character. It’s funny, I’ve never appreciated this SNL era as much before; I was always hung-up on the Eddie Murphy/Joe Piscopo years. But now I realize that Sandler was an unrecognized comedic genius in his early years on the show, when he really came into his own commercially and artistically. “The Herlihy Boy” sketches in particular have a crisp, clear sound & a new sheen of consummate professionalism.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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