The Daily Eris: More Drabble

The above image is what I made in my journal this morning instead of finishing my to-do list. I basically pasted & plastered over the to-do list. It was either that, or just abandon the journal entirely for a few days. This blog is similar; sometimes I either jump in “messy” or stay away for nearly a week. (That’s sort of my social pattern as well.)

From the moment Trump was elected, I said this all felt like some type of “passion play” where we’d have this comically horrible super-villain president for a time & then he would get his comeuppance and a good deal of people would experience the equivalent of a collective emotional orgasm.

Was I wrong?

People look for conspiracies, and look for conspiracies. How about a conspiracy in which the entire QAnon/Trump thing was a conspiracy designed to end/outlaw talk of all other conspiracies? Perhaps I am merely hypothesizing out of my ass here, but this is the conclusion a few fringe types are making on various message boards.

Some of the more esoteric conspiracy theorists say 9/11 was some type of “ritual,” but honestly this entire Trump drama has seemed like not only a national ritual but some of the best damn reality show footage produced since OJ’s white Bronco.

Trump will now take on the “sins” of the “old” America as we move bravely forward into a post-pandemic world. Here is a man who had access to the most sensitive secrets not only of the United States but also probably part of Russia and probably some of his fellow GOP (Lindsey Graham I’m looking at you) & media/corporate/religious moguls as well. And now he’s a loose cannon, full of bitterness & “watch the world burn” energy. How’s that going to work out, exactly? This feels more & more by each passing day like an Epstein situation.

This shit’s going to be WILD come December, I think. A lot of falling houses of cards. Though those houses have been falling for the past few years anyway.

And what is the future? More houses of cards? Is it all inevitable? Is it because humans are by their very nature flawed?


I sometimes wonder if those individuals from my past career who sexually harassed/assaulted me now feel embarrassed/regretful about it solely because I announced being non-binary & they’re afraid peeps gonna think they’re the Gay.


I can’t handle guys who have a paranoia over being thought of as homosexual. I just can’t deal with that shit anymore. And you know why? Because it ends up blowing back on me.

I dated a guy like 20 years ago who privately admitted to me he was probably bisexual but was so fucking paranoid that people would find out (‘specially his moms) that he used to criticize me down to the shoes I was wearing. He said they were “pirate shoes”—too masculine. They had big brass buckles. The whole pirate aesthetic seems pretty genderfluid to me; so fuck that guy, wherever he is now.


All you’ve got is your Truth, folks. That’s all you truly own in the end; not your savings, not your various insurances, not your collectible $300 limited edition sneakers.

So you live your truth, and I’ll live mine. And if our truths are truly so very incompatible…we can hopefully agree to stay the fuck out of each other’s way.

Have a good day.

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