The Daily Eris: A Gold-Plated, High-Quality Rant For Your Amusement and Horror

Hello folks, this is another of those spontaneous off-the-cuff posts which may or may not suck. But I feel it’s like I either do this now, or wait yet another day.

I believe both alleged psychics Baba Vanga & Sylvia Browne predicted that the United States would have their last election in 2020. While that sounds positively eschatological, I’m realizing now it’s just a simple matter of semantics.

As another alleged psychic, lemme tell you what I think those predictions meant. This might very well be the last presidential election of the UNITED States. Because it is clear per the election results that this country is roughly made up of two huge voting blocs who are living in completely different reality tunnels.

We have now reached the point where one “side” feels they need to convert-or-vanquish the other, that this is the only option.

In-between these two polarities are the critical thinkers, the devil’s advocates, the shit-stirrers, the pain-in-the-asses, those of the Middle Path. And I am most likely among those annoying motherfuckers (I’ve accepted it now).

Is it any wonder I also identify as non-binary gender-wise? I just could never pick a side!


I realize there is a certain percentage of people out there who find “gender non-conforming” people to be disturbing. And that’s OK, because to be honest, I’ve always found the Mainstream to be not only disturbing but terminally-in-denial, unevolved, and ultimately self-defeating. I also find the concept of a strict right-vs-left political binary to be stupid, infantile, and in defiance of the infinite complexities of Reality.

Yes, I do realize that when you apply Jesus’s advice to “turn the other cheek” to a sociopathic bully they will most likely respect you even less & in fact feel even more justified in abusing you. But the most likely result of meeting the bully’s violence with violence is a self-perpetuating cycle of continual and ever-spiraling-upwards violence. That’s why Jesus chose to go on the cross rather than bring down the vengeance of all the angels upon those motherfuckers; because He was tired of this shit! Jesus was pulling a Dr. Manhattan, like “I am tired of these humans, the drama of their lives.” Jesus basically pulled the plug on His participation in the MMORPG. Now: was He simply just being a quitter?

Even the most hardcore evangelical Christian will tell you that there’s no gender in “Heaven.” There’s also no adultery in Heaven, no war, no fighting…pretty much every box Lennon ticked off in “Imagine.”

They shot Lennon, and they crucified Jesus. They left Dave Chappelle alive, but he looks sort of exhausted.

I’ve written this way since I was like 11, 12 years old. It made some people very angry. I feel as if the past 30 years or so of my life has been like me taking a fist to the face repeatedly and being advised to “write something nice!”


Now, in 2004, a week or so before that presidential election, I had a very vivid dream about Joe Biden. And it was so vivid, I always kept a bookmark on it.

Now, one of the reasons that dream—which was about politics & elections—made such an impression on me is that at the time, Biden didn’t mean shit to me! He was just not on my radar; I barely remembered him running for the Democratic presidential nomination once or twice.

And so when Biden ended up being the VP like 4 years after that, I was like: “so is that why I had that dream?”

But no: now I know exactly why I had that dream in ‘04. Now I know.

(I’ve picked the wrong month to stop sniffing glue, folks. This is me sober!)

Question: how could my subconscious know to make a Biden reference in my dreams right before the ‘04 election? For context, at the time I thought GWB was absolute incompetent shit, and was very worried about him getting re-elected. I wasn’t super-enthused with John Kerry (who was also in my dream), but felt he was better than what we already had.

Further: if it is at all possible to anticipate future events before they happen…then what does that say about the nature of space/time, Reality, and so on?

But people, by-and-large, can’t handle there being a “weird,” liminal quality to Reality. It’s either gotta be “Godless random universe” or the fundamentalist pap of their choice.


Yes, we (and by “we” I mean 1940s America) pulled together and soundly defeated the Nazis. And then…we (and by “we” I mean our government) brought over all these Nazis to the U.S. via Project Paperclip. That’s not bullshit, that’s not a “conspiracy theory”…that shit really happened!

And then…Hydra created the Winter Soldier by utilizing the dying body of a fallen American grunt. Hydra infiltrated the U.S. government after dubya-dubya-two and perfected MK-ULTRA technology & brainwashing techniques to create the ultimate assassin.


Before I signed off today I wanted to bring up a topic that has been bubbling around ye esoteric/fringe/Discordian-type communities. And that is, of course…did Operation Mindfuck go too far? Did Trump hijack Operation Mindfuck? And: is this all ultimately Robert Anton Wilson’s fault for being a jokey-jokester back in the day?

Put another way: if I, for shits-and-giggles, want to create a parody-pastiche of classic conspiracy theory tropes & some motherfucker takes what I’ve written 100% seriously with no sense of irony whatsoever…is that my fault?

Now, I’m not asking this question to merely be a passive-aggressive contrarian asshole (though I might also very well be a passive-aggressive contrarian asshole, but that is neither here-nor-there). I’m being fucking serious (serious as I am capable of being at any one time).

Because of the fear of some fascist-in-training peeps taking this Discordian stuff seriously, should we (the collective “we,” me and my compatriots in the vast mindfuck machine) just not write that stuff anymore? Should it all be “retired?”

And if we do stop writing that stuff & playing devil’s advocate, and some other bullshittery comes down the pike from the right or the left or our new AI/extraterrestrial overlords…


The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other way. The sun goes up, the sun goes down.


“la forza del destino…die macht des schicksals!”

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