The Daily Eris: The Collective Psychic Pressure

I thought I needed to write a quick(ish) follow-up post to my previous one today, to explain this growing psychic pressure I’m feeling coming off the Collective at the moment.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this. But I think the election situation is going to set some people off. I’m thinking back now to the increase in mass violence during the Obama era, especially 2012 onward. Shit, 2012-2013 alone felt like one or more incidents every other day.

Obama was the first Black U.S. president; this fact alone set some people off back then (and they still haven’t gotten over it). What we have in Biden/Harris is, in some ways, a return to that Obama/Biden energy signature. In particular, Harris is going to be the first female VP (not a small milestone) and first VP of color.

I agree with psychic intuitive Amanda Ellis in her assessment of Harris, in that she radiates this strong divine feminine energy. Important: I’m not saying Harris herself is the Divine Feminine; rather, she is currently radiating that energy that is already present & rising in the Collective. I further agree with Ellis’s belief that due to Biden’s age, she has a good shot at the Presidency by default.

We are in a time of extreme change at the moment. There are whole avenues of technology, for example, such as AI/deep fakes/neurolinks, that I do not believe the Collective have properly wrapped their heads around yet. It is called, per Alvin Toffler, “Future Shock.”

COVID-19 has vastly accelerated that change.

There is also great societal change. And a portion of the Collective feels left out, insecure, fearful, and on the verge of obsolescence. Trump fed into all that by assuring them that Progress would be halted (outside of some largely symbolic “space race” stuff). And Trump fed into that by playing into some of the most despicable racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and ableist tropes imaginable. It was an agenda that cast marginalized populations as the scapegoats; and it was extremely successful.

Trump was really good at pressing primal fear buttons in a segment of the populace. And these primal fear buttons are powerful, powerful, combustible stuff.

So from 2016-present we actually got less of the big domestic terrorism events we saw during the Obama years, though a much broader & more frequent incident count of bias attacks and “lower level” aggression towards marginalized communities such as Blacks, Jews, immigrants, and LGBTQ. This is because while Trump made the attackers feel more emboldened, he also acted as a “safety valve” (albeit temporary) to lessen the overall tenor of their violence.

But that’s likely to change with this transition of presidential power; not only because it makes the white-power/QAnon types feel much more suddenly threatened and paranoid, but because they’ve now had much more time to get radicalized & organized.

You add to this combustible mix the hardcore evangelical Christian types who thrive on Apocalyptic scenarios anyway…(and feel the Rapture is long overdue)

And the irony about deplatforming & banning these types from social media in order to theoretically protect people is…these conservative radicals then go to their own bubbles like Gab, Parler, OANN, Newsmax & get potentially 10x more radicalized. Because now they are operating within a poorly-monitored echo-chamber.

And I don’t know what the answer is, man. Some suggest reaching out with the olive branch, turning the other cheek. Others say that Trump has brought out such vileness on the part of these people that forgiveness on either side is no longer an option.

Are we headed for a “civil war?” Are our reality tunnels now so profoundly different that there is no more bridge to be built?

I don’t know. But I’m saying from an intuitive standpoint that there is a very angry, bubbling, seething energy coming off part of the Collective right now, and I don’t believe the “mainstream” realize just how intense it is. Further, while I do not believe there is going to be a “civil war,” I do think that this current political transition of power is going to set off psychologically shaky individuals who were already fearful & angry. (Thinking now of Steve Bannon publicly talking about “beheading” Fauci etc.)

On top of all this, I think we may very well see more “Earth Changes” stuff on the level of today’s rare earthquakes in New England…this is the Earth itself shaking off/expressing the tension in the collective energy.

I didn’t get many recent possibly “prophetic” dreams in direct relation to this election. But I did get several vivid dreams about some sort of “breakdown”/violence in the populace. And the message those dreams gave to me specifically was: “stay out of it.”

I started blogging back around the start of the Obama years. I got a lot (a lot) of online threats of violence, stalkers, etc. By 2010, I pretty much didn’t want to leave the fucking house. I still have a hard time leaving the house.

Two things eventually helped me manage all that. First, I got more comfortable & public about my own non-binary gender identification; I think not exclusively identifying as a female really cut down on the amount of specifically male haters, though it also brought me some new female haters (circle of life, I guess).

Second: I got far more into my spirituality & esoteric practices. These practices both made me feel much more empowered & taught me how to largely “escape” the cycle of hostility that partially fed into those incidences of harassment in the first place.

And my intuition is telling me now not to stop writing…but to, in a sense, mentally “disengage” from the collective current. To write, but to limit my social media time. To stay informed, but to limit my news exposure. And to put up boundaries.

Frankly, my intuition has been telling me to do this for a while. I’ve been sensing this impending seismic shift in the Collective between 2020/2021 for a while. Ironically, my intuition/dreams have also been “telling” me that I’m somehow going to be much more in the “public eye” going into 2021–I have no idea how that would happen, and am truly not gangbusters about such a possibility.

But here I am, sort of (in one sense) emotionally withdrawing from the collective current. I may write about the collective current—and indeed, I may really feel it on a psychic level—but I’m emotionally detaching myself from it as well. Watching bad old cult movies & short-lived TV shows really does help with this process.

Stay safe, people. This all goes in cycles. As I said I my earlier post today: the pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other way.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Eris: The Collective Psychic Pressure

  1. Well, heres Moldbugs alt-right reaction to these events, complete with step by step instructions for a coup which he thinks cant happen. Fascinating insight into the ontology of these guys


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