The Daily Eris: Digital Exorcism

Ancient Vulcan Exorcism Ritual

Well, True Believers, sorry I haven’t been on in a few days…

…I’ve been “biden” my time!

On this day in 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the X-ray; in 1972, HBO was launched; and in 1973, the severed right ear of John Paul Getty III was delivered to a local newspaper outlet with a ransom note.

Notable birthdays today include:

  • Board game magnate Milton Bradley (1836)
  • Dracula author Bram Stoker (1847)
  • Ink blot enthusiast Hermann Rorschach (1884)
  • Classic French actor Alain Delon (1935)
  • Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz (1986)
petition to post nothing on this blog but images of Alain Delon until further notice

As per the recent(-ish) U.S. presidential election: the energy of the Collective had flattened me like a cerebral pancake. In fact, I feel as if I might be coming down with a wee bit of an ulcer; though here’s hoping the laxatives I just downed with my Prozac and Jenny Craig chocolate peanut-butter bar straightens everything out in my solar plexus.

What I am going to write now regarding said election is straight from my subconscious/”higher-self”/intuitive voice/etc. Not in the market for arguing with anyone right at this moment, and as a reminder my comment section (unlike America) is not a democracy.

The following can co-exist:

  • Celebrating along with a good portion of the Collective the impending end to the long national abusive relationship inflicted upon us by the President.
  • Maintaining a certain level of cynicism regarding Joe Biden et al.

My subconscious has communicated with me that on one level, Biden is indeed a positive figure ushering a newer, kinder, more enlightened era; in that sense he is an Avatar (and I’m going to be using that term more and more on this blog) of that shifting energy.

And my subconscious has also communicated with me that on another level, Biden is just another shifty politician albeit much less outwardly toxic than ol’ Trumpie.

Both these conclusions can co-exist. Reality contains multitudes.

So if I don’t feel like shitting on people’s parade regarding the election–that’s my right. And honestly: Trump went out of his way to be a sadistic sociopathic piece of shit. And anybody who can’t see that and claims instead that he is a “lightworker” ordained by God akin to perhaps the Biblical David or perhaps even Christ Himself (and I’m not exaggerating, there are people who actually do believe this)…

…we’re gonna just have to agree to disagree.

A couple of relevant opinions on the way the fringe/esoteric/”conspiracy” community has been essentially flirting with hatred & fascism:

  • Professional intuitive Amanda Ellis’s critique of the Q-Anon-heads in online spiritual circles. (And to that point, Ellis is one of the few esoteric types on YouTube I didn’t purge over the last year for this very reason)
  • “Donald Trump’s Operation Mindfuck,” from Evergreen Review, is currently making the rounds. It details the hijacking of the playful Discordian/RAW brand of “conspiracy culture” by Trump & Co. for their own ends. I think this is a very important essay, & I will probably do a separate post on it.

I will probably also do a post on the concept of Trump being the Girardian “sacrificial goat” for the Collective. This contention does not mean I do not also think he deserves the karmic payload that he is currently receiving. Karma: not a matter of ethics/mortality but rather sheer physics.

On a completely different subject, it appears that noted comic book writer & esoteric thinker Grant Morrison has publicly “come out” as non-binary/genderqueer. Yet another topic that needs its own post. As a non-binary/genderqueer person myself, I welcome their candor on the subject. Also, reflecting on what both they and RAW has said on the “power of words,” I realize now just how important the idea (and use) of preferred pronouns really is. (Ironic, when you consider that I’ve witnessed a bunch of people who claim to be followers of RAW/etc. poo-poo the idea of preferred pronouns as “fascist.”)


And in other kibbles n’ bits:

The Card of the Day is the Ace of Cups, from the Starman Tarot…

The Ace of Cups usually denotes a new start, especially emotionally/creatively.

I am happy to say that I have just started my 3rd journal since beginning this whole ink-stained shamanic enterprise in September. I decided to “level up” and purchase a slightly more pricey Leuchtturm1917; the unexpected twist being, it apparently has such a good grade of paper that my cheap-ass Amazon & Walmart color markers just pour and bleed all over it in a big blobby mess (maybe there is a metaphor crammed somewhere within all that).

Oh, and somebody in my neighborhood decided yesterday to get rid of most of the Don DeLillo books I don’t own (including my fave White Noise); so things are looking up!

Thank you for reading, I hope you are well, and remember:

The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other…

…the sun goes up, the sun goes down.


A little ditty to complete the Digital Exorcism:

/End Digital Exorcism

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