The Daily Eris: Election Thoughts, 1

This is going to be an off-the-cuff post, as I’ve got a lot on my mind and apparently no appetite to distract me.

As the U.S. presidential election approaches, I feel emotionally dead. I wish to God that I felt anxious, or a sense of camaraderie with my fellow ideological matches. I would like to feel anything right now. But it’s just a flatline.

Do I trust the majority of the citizens with whom I share this country to vote in their best interest? Well it depends on how you define “best interest.” People are more than likely going to ultimately vote for what their subconscious considers their primal best interest.

But this assumes that the entire U.S. voting & political structure isn’t hopelessly broken and compromised. I realize this is rather dangerous to say, as the current president will look for any reason to delegitimize the election results if he loses (and, of course, if he wins he’ll say it worked great & don’t peek at the dude behind the curtain).

I do wonder if in 20 years time Trump isn’t remembered as fondly as George W. Bush seems to be by the mainstream media now. I remember voting in the 2004 election. I was extremely sick, and literally dragged myself to the local polling place. I thought GWB was awful, and dumb as a post. It also seemed very clear to me that he used 9/11 as a very clear excuse to invade Iraq and “finish” what his dad had started there another 20 years previous…even though his family seemed to have more connections with the actual Bin Ladens than Saddam Hussein did!

The corruption seemed clear. But still GWB got a second term. He was, after all, the type of guy you could drink a beer with. At any rate, I was massively, massively depressed at the news that he was re-elected. It seemed like such a waste. And I had no faith in the majority of the American people to have the ability & discernment to vote for the most competent candidate.

At that time, the traditional liberals & libertarian conservatives (often of the conspiratorial/fringe flavor) were in agreement that something really stank in Washington DC; how would I know that the peeps in the latter category would make continual excuses for “their” candidate once he took office? Trump largely got a pass from the Alex Joneses of the world for doing shit comparable to GWB’s shenanigans. This is, again, part of the subconscious primal drive to support one’s perceived “People.”

The subconscious primal drive sees things in black-and-white, friend-or-foe, eat-or-be-eaten. Bush Jr. was somewhat of a buffoon, but he came from American political “royalty.” In contrast, Trump styled himself as…if not exactly the “common man,” what the common man might imagine themselves to be upon winning the lottery.

Another big aspect in Trump’s favor was his cruelty. The subconscious primal drive responds very well to outrageous cruelty, especially if they have abuse in their own family histories that have never been fully addressed. The cruel person is the respected person. The kind person is a “sucker.” I saw this mentality over and over again during my years working in publishing, entertainment, and the media. You can’t reason with it. You cannot reason with this primal drive; the best you can hope to do is wave your own primal driver in front of the target like red meat, as a possible alternative.

Do I sound cynical to you? Well, like I said: I’ve observed these dynamics for almost 25 years now. Rationality has little to do with these dynamics, and ethics/morality/empathy have even less. You’re going to find more evolved souls who transcend this tendency, but they’re going to be in the relative minority.

But the biggest dilemma of humanity at the present time is their collective inability to acknowledge how far they’re still in the animal kingdom; which is to say, they have grossly overestimated their sophistication and evolutionary status.

I might write some more in a follow up post later today, but this is sufficient for now.

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