The Daily Eris: November Spawned A Monster

Vitam Impendere Vero

Motto of the Peithologian Society

I do hope all of you have had a lovely Halloween. I tend to spend the holiday in a more-or-less blissful drunken stupor; however, as I am not drinking alcohol at the moment, I merely used the opportunity to consolidate my recyclables.

I have always considered November to be the “weirdest” month, outside of course good ol’ April. I do not have the exact notes in front of me, but I assume my consideration to be based largely on the JFK assassination on the 22nd (which then gets synced up to the release of The Beatles’ White Album several years later). I have a moderately-sized archive of articles I’ve written on both the assassination & the White Album, and will endeavor to get them updated & live on the site this month.

Then there’s obviously the clusterfuck that is the U.S. presidential election coming up as well. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that there is very little I can say about this situation publicly that’s going to go down well with the majority of humans. It’s mostly “are you with us or against us?” out there at the moment. I get it; this is human nature. Friend or foe? Eat or be eaten. Boxers or briefs? It’s the Tyranny of the Binary once again in action, even at such a relatively late date as 2020. Will we ever get that Star Trek future we were promised? Let’s face it, it’s much more likely to be Star Wars (post- the Disney purchase, natch).

Where is this bright, rational, humanist future Star Trek promised us? Somewhere in the realm of science-fiction, I’d imagine!

On this day in 1597(or 8), English occultist & spirit medium Sir Edward Kelley died. According to what story one believes, he either perished of injuries trying to escape a castle he was a prisoner of, or poisoned himself in front of his wife and children. Probably most famous for working with alchemist John Dee, he spent his latter years perhaps a victim of his own success; virtually (and then literally) imprisoned by Emperor Rudolf II of Prague in order to force him to alchemically produce gold like he promised. But Kelley always did seem to fall into this sado-masochistic relationships, as he was essentially John Dee’s bitch.

Edward Kelley, John Dee’s bitch

A few interesting recent reads of note:

Your card of the day is from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland: “Emotional Withdrawal.” Done!

Now, a few notes on my journal page for today. First, it was my intention to place an encouraging “no bad vibes” sticker at the top, as to start the month off on a positive note. But then it just wasn’t straight enough for my liking (paging Dr. Freud), so I tried to remove it as to adjust (thinking it was one of those removable stickers that are all the rage with the youth nowadays). Well, of course I tore the journal page & messed up the sticker; so I decided to have some fun with that theme.

Also, as with much of my journal work (and I will expound on this soon with a full post on the subject), my goal is to produce an agglomeration of esoteric ephemera. So for the right-hand side of the journal entry pictured above, I used, in addition to the mangled sticker & first-aid paraphernalia:

  • A vintage mail-away coupon from inside an early 1980s comic book
  • A vintage Joker from an old deck of cards
  • A cut-out from a Church of the Sub-Genius flyer

And then for the left-hand side (created in the middle of the night yesterday in somewhat of a fever-dream):

  • Part of the cover of an old “Matrix” Xeroxed book self-pubbed by a one “Valdemar Valerian”
  • A vintage lyrics/music postcard for the song “Comin’ Thro’ The Rye” from the 1940’s

Aren’t you glad I explained that all to you?

Have a good start to your month.

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