The Daily Eris: Why Can’t I Just Write About Nice Things?

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.


The joke being, in the above quote, that the Great Pumpkin is Linus’s religion. But he had always been somewhat spiritual, quoting Bible verses & whatnot. So have I, and whenever I start talking about the Great Pumpkin I lose a few social media followers. Well: lose a penny, gain a penny.

Before I get into the utterly batshit happenings simmering within the Collective, let’s take a look at some event resonances for this date shall we?

The infamous War Of The Worlds broadcast debuted on this day in 1938. I’ve always found the sync in the names of H.G. Wells (author of the original novel), and Orson Welles (from the radio broadcast) pretty interesting. The two did end up at the same public appearance once, and I have to wonder if the sync came up at all; it probably didn’t have to, it was pretty blatant.

Orson Welles and H.G. Wells

For those who are unaware of the lore: here, the story is that Welles’ radio adaptation of the Wells novel was so realistic, many listeners at home really believed the planet was being invaded by aliens. So folks flipped out, formed local militias to drive the extraterrestrial scourge back and etc. That’s the official story, at any rate.

But in reality, the level of mass hysteria might not have been that mass at all. In fact, there’s one theory that the whole thing was exaggerated by the newspapers in order to discredit their nascent radio competitors.

Certainly, American citizens could never be so fooled—their primal fears so easily manipulated—nowadays.


Born on this day are:

How Mac Turned Into A He-Man
  • Bodybuilding pitchman Charles Atlas, ubiquitous in comic book ads for many decades. His real name was Angelo Siciliano, and was one of the idols of my bodybuilding Italian father.
  • “Fonz” Henry Winkler. Unlike Mr. Atlas, not Italian–but I’ll allow it.
  • My 1990s babe Gavin Rossdale, frontman of Bush. Not many of these 1990s band frontmen are left, so let’s give one up for Gavin for hanging in there!
Ramon Novarro

And former silent movie star Ramon Novarro died today in 1968, murdered by two young men who had initially visited his home offering him sex. Believing that the elderly Novarro had kept a small fortune on his premises, they tortured this heir to the Rudolph Valentino cinematic legacy for hours before killing him.

If the story of Novarro’s demise (it was rumored he was choked to death with a phallic object of some type) sounds familiar you to at all, consider the death of Hollis Mason in the Watchmen graphic novel (taking place, appropriately, on Halloween):


I have said over and over (and over again) on this here blog that the public has been so focused on the antics of our overgrown child in the White House that they haven’t fully absorbed the fact that we were on the threshold of massive technological changes…producing among the Collective what Alvin Toffler called “Future Shock.”

Well, we’re fricking here already.

Recent Case #1: The erstwhile Kanye West’s “gifting” his wife a realistic talking walking hologram of her dead father.

The Deceased Robert Kardashian

Recent Case #2: The revelation that Martin Aspen, the head investigator of the alleged “Hunter Biden laptop,” is actually an AI-generated image. (Images, of course, that can be created by anyone by merely accessing this popular website.)

The Non-Existent Martin Aspen

And then there’s the fact that I discovered a few days ago that I can seamlessly (and in some cases, quite convincingly) insert my mug on the face of a wide range of video clips from the convenience of my iPhone.

This is the Next Step, folks. This is Future Shock. Pandora was released and we were too distracted by other things to notice.

And I’m not saying this as if it’s all “bad” or “sinister.” I feel given the trajectory of human evolution & development, this was all inevitable.

But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that engaging in such albeit personal and harmless deepfake shenanigans didn’t sort of gently fuck my head up. Your mileage may vary.


Lastly, two more developments yesterday in the aforementioned alleged Hunter Biden laptop brouhaha. First, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald quit the site he co-founded in a huff, claiming he was being censored from covering the story because they were in the tank for Joe Biden. Second, Tucker Carlson (who as you remember had only recently “lost” the alleged Hunter Biden evidence) making a sudden about-face and telling peeps to lay off Joe’s son.

Here’s what I think (because I know you’re just dying to find out what I think):

Firstly, I assume that most people in politics & probably a lot of their adult children are discretely trolling around for all sorts of foreign influence $. I mean, my God: Trump & Co. don’t even seem discrete about it. So if it turned out that Hunter Biden really did that, I wouldn’t be in the least surprised.

Secondly…somebody obviously pulled the lever and decided to kill the mainstream (and semi-mainstream) negative Biden coverage this close to the election. I think a significant part of this (among other reasons) is because Trump seems incompetent & has no handle on the pandemic whatsoever & is probably going to kill us all.

Anyway, that’s what I think.

Also, I believe in the Great Pumpkin.


Card of the Day is from Stacey DeMarco’s Gods/Goddesses archetype oracle (which I’ve conveniently combined into one huge deck): Bast, the cat-goddess of Play.

Consequently, I will be spending the rest of this day at play, futzing with my scrapbook art and writing, as my cats stare at me inscrutably.

And I’m now on Instagram, so if that is a social media platform that you utilize to any joyful effect, feel free to follow.

Good day.

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