The Daily Eris: No F**ks Were Giveth

Good morning (afternoon or evening, depending what dot you’re at in the space-time-perceptual grid). One of the things that has become clear to me after 20+ fully adult (more or less) years on this planet is that I’m much better served being a “bridge” figure to others of different Reality Tunnel polarities than playing to one ideological side or another. Which is all to say: I’m a bit of a “liminal” figure, aren’t I?

Keeping with my overall tendency towards ambiguity, not only do I think Time should be abolished in favor of a more subjective currency, but I am also OBSESSED with Time! Specifically, events that have happened on a certain day; especially, how specific events from one year might resonate with other events on the same day from another year (does that make sense at all? it’s too early in the morning for coherent sentence construction).

October 29 has a rather…thick, dark energy to it. For starters, in 1390 we have the first witchcraft trial in Paris; two women were accused of working with the devil to lure back a lost lover. Though they apparently received a “fair” trial by witch-trial standards, they were still burned at the stake (the first rule of Fight Club is, don’t talk about Fight Club).

In 1618, Sir Walter Raleigh–whom you might know from the once-ubiquitous Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco–was beheaded for allegedly conspiring against King James I. After being shown the axe that would shortly end his life, he pithily said: “This is a sharp Medicine, but it is a Physician for all diseases and miseries.” The man truly gaveth no fucks.

No fucks were giveth

In 1929, The New York Stock Exchange crashed in what was known as “Black Tuesday,” thus beginning the Great Depression. Contrary to popular lore, most stories regarding grief-stricken investors spectacularly leaping to their deaths were urban legends; in fact, the % of suicides were actually lowest in October & November of that year. That said: a number of newly-penniless people did take their own lives in the weeks and months following the Crash. A slow burn rather than an explosive event, make parallels with the current situation in the U.S. if…you…so…choose.

And in (Mayan Apocalypse) 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States, flooding NYC streets & subway tunnels. There is a rather arcane and labyrinthine conspiracy theory regarding Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook massacre that would take place a little more than a month later, the Hunger Games, and Batman; because of course there is.


Two important figures in the realm of the esoteric died on this day: Russian philosopher/mystic George Gurdjieff in 1949, and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey in 1997. There is a popular story in Christian lore that LaVey completely apologized to Jesus right before he died; in contrast, his daughter Karla quoted him as saying that his epitaph should read, “I only regret the times I was too nice.” Agree with whatever version vibes the most with your particular reality tunnel.

Anton LaVey & Friends

Finally: Allman Brothers Band founder Duane Allman perished on this day in 1971 of massive injuries after a motorcycle accident with a truck. He was 24. Thirteen months later, Allman Brothers bassist Berry Oakley also perished in a similar motorcycle accident with a bus…also at age 24. And so resonances through Time and Space seem to persist.


Tucker Carlson cannot find his Hunter Biden laptop documents, and seems to very passive-aggressively insinuate that perhaps they were intercepted in some type of cloak-and-dagger operation in transit. Tucker Carlson apparently didn’t make any copies of these valuable, election-altering documents; when I make sloppy copies of my 7-Eleven receipts in bad lighting and clog my Dropbox with them at the drop of a hat. So I find his story hard to believe; the most likely version of which is that he had some type of documents, but they were sketchy and Fox News ultimately nixed coverage of them.

The diverse facial expressions of Tucker Carlson

That all being said…I find it very amusing–especially with the old Reagan/Bush Lincoln Project peeps now involved with promoting Biden–that it’s assumed the cloak-and-daggery shenanigans promulgated via the U.S. Government & related interested parties for well over a century suddenly rolled over and gave up the ghost with the rise of Trump. I’m not talking about the conspiracy theories (well…I am talking a little bit about the conspiracy theories), but all sorts of shit like creating coups in other countries and Confessions Of An Economic Hitman-level shit like that. That this nasty loudmouth buffoon from fucking Queens just marched in & told all these high-level CIA peeps & FBI peeps & military peeps to shut the fuck up, and that’s it. These old-time peeps in the Military-Industrial complex who’ve had so much power & money invested in the status quo just rolled over and took it up the ass.

Sure. That’s all I have to say about that.


Lastly (lastly), Amazon has now claimed that movies purchased digitally from their Prime service are not “owned” by their customers. Just part of the overall movement to a “lease-not-own” society, what I call “The End of Ownership.” This is the trend; your mileage may vary on whether it sucks or not.

Card of the Day, from The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans: The Flame!

Be the spark that lights up the world, or at least your own farts.

Have a good day.

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