The Daily Eris: This Book Must Not Be Destroyed

Greetings. The most immediate impression I get of the Collective at the moment is that a rather large set of people in the U.S. are living in two completely different Reality Tunnels.

Furthermore: I frankly do not feel myself to be comfortable residing solely in either Tunnel. But I never really did.

I also have been sorely tempted to do a tarot reading in regards to the upcoming presidential election–but I recently had an insight that in order to be truly a great predictor of future events, one must be as impartial as possible. And I do not, as of yet, fit the bill.

The Card of the Day is the Prince of Swords, again from the Starman Tarot. While the deck’s artist Davide de Angelis cites Sid Vicious as his inspiration for the piece, it also does feel very much like The Crow, does it not? Appropriate for Halloween, I guess.

The question then being: is this card meant for me or the Collective? World being Mirror: probably both!

Born on this day is Mr. Joaquin Phoenix. He’s the same age as me, and I feel as if we “grew up” together.

made about 20 years ago
made earlier this month

Of course when I was younger, I was more familiar with the works of his brother River (who died on Halloween, by the way).

I woke up receiving what felt like an inordinate amount of hits on my Chuck Barris article on “Fantasy Merchant,” & did some digging around to figure out why. Apparently, the IMDB had ranked the 10 “wildest” movies based on real-life events, and the 2002 Barris “biopic” Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was #5.

Was or was not the former Gong Show host really a CIA assassin? Like much of everything else in this world, the answer is, “yes & no.”

One of the biggest news items yesterday, besides the collapse of the American government right before our very eyes, is the sentencing of Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere to 120 years in prison. And I could not help but think of the continuing echoes of 1968-1974, the “Manson-Nixon” years, to our present era. Relatively well-groomed self-help guru Raniere was, of course, the Manson (of a sort) of our era, administering to millionaires & C-list actors instead of hippie runaways.

If we follow the idea of this 68-74 “re-cycle,” then it is indeed possible that Trump, like Nixon, could be reelected for a second term (to exit ignominiously a year or two later). However, it also feels like we are operating a mish-mosh of several different historical scenarios at the same time (which makes sense, as we straddle the Singularity).

Again: I am not impartial enough to legitimately read the tea-leaves on this one. I have had some strong dreams regarding the election–one from all the way back in 2004 starring Joe Biden (who, at that time, was barely on my radar).

Lastly, I wanted to share this video from astrologer Steve Judd regarding the energy of the Full Moon this Saturday & beyond. Over the last year I have weeded out quite a bit of the astrologers/tarot readers I used to follow–specifically, because a number of them have seemed to come down with “Q-Anon-itis”–but Judd’s work remains solid to me.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a good day.

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