Moonology: Prominent Moon Syncs This Week

I wanted to give this topic a brief individual spotlight, as there is a lot to write in today’s Daily Eris & I didn’t want it to get lost. In short: this week started memorably with a trinity of prominent Moon-related items in the news, and will end just as memorably with some rather robust astrological aspects.

Three announcements dominated Twitter on Monday morning:

On Saturday, we will have an ultra-rare “Blue” Full Moon smack dab on Halloween. Energies will be high, and mischief may occur.

Now, I noticed all these syncs while I was watching the 2012 movie The Lords Of Salem, which features prominent Moon imagery & stars Sheri Moon Zombie.

What does the Moon symbolize? Well for starters, feminine energy, especially the long-suppressed “going on a rampage” variety (which is pretty much the plot of Lords Of Salem). Coincidentally (or not?) yesterday saw the appointment of très conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court (on Hillary Clinton’s birthday, yet!)–sparking, you can imagine, a massive amount of angry female energy.

Again: coincidence? Or simply the energy of the Age?

If we look further along the calendar, after Halloween (a Wiccan high-holy day also known as Samhain) on the 31st is:

  • Nov. 1-2: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • Nov. 3: U.S. Election Day
  • Nov. 5: Guy Fawkes Day

As I said: a lot of high frenetic (possibly explosive) energy this week bubbling into next. Wear your raincoat, minimum!

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