Why Dogma Sucks (Only An Opinion)

So I was watching this Robert Anton Wilson lecture on YouTube, and noticed there were a few “thumbs-down” ratings. Now, I’m not against criticisms of Wilson’s work and I’ve read several essays picking apart his writings before. But I was just curious about what specific objections these YouTube viewers had to his work.

So most of the negative comments on this video criticized Wilson for talking about how the future of humans involves space travel…when obviously, there is no space, because the Earth is of course flat & the center of the (“so-called”) Universe.

Mind you, that wasn’t even the focal point of this Wilson lecture, the thing about the space travel. But it was deemed so offensive by these viewers that they needed to downvote this video because they felt Wilson (from beyond the grave) was spreading damaging “propaganda.”

But aren’t these people, per Wilson’s own writings, “allowed” to enjoy their own Reality Tunnels? Isn’t, by default, each of our perceptions of Reality different?

Well, Wilson advocated—as a brain exercise (or, yoga)—”trying out” various Reality Tunnels, as a way to better understand that it’s all Reality Tunnels, as a way to ultimately defeat a dogmatic approach.

But what you have instead are people who firmly believe they know the Answer, that it’s the Final Answer. Anything that contradicts their chosen Reality Tunnel (which is not a “reality tunnel” to them but the Ultimate Inviolate Truth) must be invalidated. Anybody who contradicts their chosen Reality Tunnel must be “evil” in some way—that is the only way to explain their deliberate flaunting of the Ultimate Inviolate Truth and the Final Answer.

Per our friend cult actor Klaus Kinski during one of his epic rants:

Now, Flat Earth Theory is actually a very interesting mental exercise to occasionally visit, because it really forces you to visualize and consider your physical place in the Universe. But at the end of the day, in the World in which I eat and shit and pay taxes, the model of the Universe that includes Outer Space works the best for me. That doesn’t discount, however, the possibility that perhaps there is a further, weirder construction of Reality behind (or within, or completely non-localized) the one we are familiar with.

But see how I’m not saying that I have the the Ultimate Inviolate Truth and the Final Answer? Because I don’t.

HOWEVER: it must also be remembered that promoting such a dogmatic, absolutist view—complete with the dehumanization, or NPC’ing of the Disbelievers—is a fairly effective and relatively quick way to get website hits and shore up political power.

You know, I could come on this site tomorrow and say: “here’s what I’ve researched, here’s what I channeled, here’s what I’ve written, here are the Bad Guys, here is the the Ultimate Inviolate Truth and the Final Answer.” And I’d be very popular and very “successful” within a short span of time. Because I would be giving what the Masses (a portion of them, at any rate) want (unfortunately).

While Robert Anton Wilson had his core base of fans, there were people in both the Skeptic/”Rationalist” and Fringe/”Conspiracy” sides who HATED him. They hated him for completely different stated reasons, and yet they hated him, ultimately, for the same reason—he was a Critical Thinker.

Remember that in the final analysis, the biggest “Enemy” to TPTB is not the Left or the Right. It’s the Critical Thinker, who can calmly consider Policy rather than be easily controlled by any frequency and variety of primal button-pushing. 

Of course…these are all only my opinions. I could be wrong.


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