The Daily Eris: We’ve Reached The Singularity, Congratulations

If some rando free app I heard from somebody on social media that plays sketchy ads for sketchy online games can effortlessly sew in my likeness in a reasonably convincing video clip from The Avengers...I think we’re done here. The Singularity has already taken place. I’m gonna go live in that artist’s hut right off the P-Town shore now.

I am now systematically placing my visage upon every pop-cultural figure I’ve ever admired, every gif that has given me even the slightest chuckle. The narcissism is, admittedly, delicious, and epic in scope. I realize now what I really want is to live in a world consisting of nothing but my goofy mug.

If nothing else, this exercise in using the REFACE app has convinced me that I’ve indeed missed my calling as a million-dollar tentpole franchise film star. Alas. Where do we go from here?

Well, for starters…I would have to imagine that the now-mainstream adoption of deepfake technology means that there is gonna be an awful amount of deepfake revenge porn clogging the internets. That’s for starters. Then, video evidence will be questioned at trials & legal depositions because of the deepfake question. Deepfake “experts” will testify to the likely trueness or falseness of the video images, based on the amount of pixels & whatnot.

Soon there will be an app or program that can seamlessly edit your own image upon the face of an actor in an entire film; this process will also be somewhat instantaneous & involve playing sketchy ads for sketchy online games.

Meanwhile, all the images uploaded to the servers for these deepfake apps will probably not only populate a grand database cross-referenced with each individual’s refacing choices and entire online profile, but also go towards AI “machine learning” to make these imaging algorithms more and more uncannily accurate.

Well, anyway…congratulations again, Humanity. We have reached the very pinnacle of what we can achieve. It’s all worked its way, through the oh-so-many millennia, to this very moment in time (if we can use the word “time” anymore; it has become, as of late, somewhat passé).

Well. I’ve picked an excellent month to stop drinking. I’m going to go write in my scrapbook now.

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