The Daily Eris: Eris, Eros, Zeroes

Welcome to the Daily Eris (which autocorrect had switched to Eros; autocorrect then switching Eros to “zeroes,” then finally switching Eros back to Eris…I am so confused).

Once again I am composing this direct from my bed, to best catch my thoughts as they fly. I even made the main graphic, showcasing two of Jake Gyllenhaal’s most famous movies, using only my phone. Yes, I am a creative powerhouse & an inspirational genius. You can stop with the flattery now.

To be honest, I’m spending more and more time offline & away from my computer than ever before. For almost a decade I have spent countless hours meticulously transferring my written notes & artwork to digital for archiving…and now I’m doing the exact opposite. Why is this? On a gut level, I suppose it’s because I want to do something “real,” you know? Even if it’s just writing & cutting & pasting & whatnot. I want to feel something, that I’m interacting with the 3-dimensional world in some way.

Beyond that, I’m beginning to reject the entire concept of linear time as it applies to dated journal entries. So I’m rearranging these entries, recopying portions in different configurations, not getting too hung up on the dates outside of footnotes. As I collage & cut-up, I’ve been doing this with comic book panels as well—rearranging them in different sequences in my journal pages as to tell different narratives.

Which is all to say…yes, I’ve been actually cutting-up actual comic books! Not printouts, but the original comic book pages. Sacrilege! Why not just use the printouts? It’s the “energy” of it all, basically; as well as the visible (and tactile) difference in paper stock.

I’ve made no bones about embracing the concept that art—and the repurposing of art—is a type of shamanic act. I’ve been shamanically inclined since I was a little kid, trying the best I could to hide it (and maybe my “best” in this department was never quite good enough). Building altars were second-nature to me, way before I ever understood what altars were. The words one said or wrote did have a sort of energy to them, perhaps even a “power” of some sort. (Which is why, in one sense, social media turned out to be such a damned disaster for humankind.)

Anyway, I was always afraid to fully admit and “own” the fact that I was (and am) so esoterically inclined. One reason being, I felt (probably rightly so) that this fact would be used to discredit any abuse I experienced at the hands (and mouths, and keyboards) of other human beings over the course of my life.

But then I realized: instead of worrying about such stuff, I should probably just let the esotericism protect me.

And that is where I’m at now.

More tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

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