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This is a rather impromptu edition of The (Semi-)Daily Eris, composed on my phone in the comfort of my own bed after eating breakfast waffles. I’m on a bit of a tear.

First, Robert Downey Jr. is apparently “canceled” because he defended Chris Pratt on Instagram:

Here’s a question for you: how do you think, after growing up in a highly-permissive environment where drugs were literally all around him, did RDJ manage to long-term kick a massive drug and alcohol habit that saw him into several stints in jail?

And after going through that entire experience, where do you think RDJ is at, ideologically? He’s at a headspace that mixes both liberal and conservative elements; choosing the parts that make most sense to him, that seems to him to lead to the best, most healthy existence.

This attitude is, of course, at odds with a general media-fueled zeitgeist that presents us with an all-or-nothing binary option between Left & Right. And this binary option is highly incompatible with Reality; but it sure works for news sites, Twitter & Facebook, and opportunistic politicians & cult leaders everywhere.

Let me make this clear: Trump is a shite President. Truly. He’s President Lex Luthor, a comic book villain.

But his presidency has turned into a reality-show Passion Play in which everything now is separated into Us or Them; with this implication that once we get rid of the Scourge, all will be well & we’ll never have the right to complain about a president again because none could be so bad as Trumpie).

But things will not be “all well.” Because there is a lot of shit we, as a nation, as a global community, have not really processed or faced. For starters, we are in the midst of a profound switch to an unprecedented era of Big Business Monopoly control, that was taking place well before COVID-19. In fact, we can see the virus as really the accelerant for this switch, effectively wiping out small businesses in the process and giving these monopolies massive control & political weight. Ditto for the more aggressive institution of AI in the workplace, ditto for image-recognition & surveillance.

We also are plunging headlong into a new Space Age largely fueled by economic and military concerns; advances concerning which—including offering the poors basically an indentured-servitude ticket to the stars (which I believe Elon Musk was joking about?)—are coming along far quicker than commonly expected.

Then, of course, there is our shite environmental situation, which the most wealthy among us are concretely dealing with by devising various “escape routes” and getaways (including, eventually, the outerspace version) for themselves & their families.

On the other side of the coin, I think our society is profoundly psychologically & spiritually broken—and any grouping of data on depression, addiction, suicide, and vastly plummeting birth rates will make that clear (and guess what, I have been collecting that data from reputable sources on the Internet, and I will be putting it all together in an article one day).

Moreover, as easily evidenced in any 3-5 minute jaunt through the mainstream social media option of your choice, a critical mass have seemingly lost any ability to relate to those with differing opinions in a manner than doesn’t involve complete scorched-earth vomitorious vitriol & dehumanization.

Is it any wonder that ancient Pat Robertson from the ancient 700 Club has now predicted that not only will Trump win, but that an asteroid will hit the Earth right after his second term sparking the End Times? You know what, fuck Pat Robertson. But I don’t want to dehumanize him, so I’m instead gonna say: he says shit like that out of a primal fear response to Change. What he’s basically saying is that he wants 4 more years of Trump so nothing can change, and then when it seems like change might happen after he’s gone, conveniently it will be “End Times” so that change will be nipped right in the bud. That’s primal fear response to Change.

You know, I got predictions, where the fuck is my TV show? I want a 700 Club show! Godammit.


So I’ve been on a diet & am alcohol-free for two weeks…and things are going great! I’m feeling really relaxed.

No really, I am. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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