The Daily Eris 10.19.20: Update On My Interface

I believe because it is absurd.


I am presently typing this from my new laptop, the first PC I’ve purchased for personal use in almost 20 years. This has of course required some getting used to on my part, in terms of navigation and physics and stuff.

The last time I owned a PC, it was during the “golden age” of Napster. At some point through that admittedly halcyon period, my computer received a rather intractable virus in the form of a big red literal “fart button” installed on the desktop screen. It was at that point that I began to look into purchasing a Mac.

But I see my iPhone as my “Mac” at this point. Certainly, it is probably more advanced in terms of technology than my white plastic Macbook oh so many years ago. So what I really was in the market for was a glorified word processor. Enter: Hewlett Packard.

I separate eras of my life roughly along the lines of what computer I am in possession of. That I am currently utilizing a device similar to the one I owned almost 20 years ago seems significant to me. I am revisiting a lot of my notes regarding the societal/political/pop-cultural/esoteric situation of the first five years of the 21st century. To me, the most significant “seismic” event of that period is of course 9/11.

To that end, I’ve finally finished and published the fourth part of my 9/11-focused “Messenger Shiva” series, and am working on the fifth.

So what the series is looking like now is:

  • Part 5: Cinema of Paranoia (films of 1999, 2001, and beyond)
  • Part 6: The MK-Girls (MK-Ultra lore, especially in terms of female narratives)
  • Part 7: TBD (maybe a wrap-up, maybe another topic)

After that, I would like to revisit & update another series looking at the intersection of pop- & conspiracy-culture, focusing on the period of 2008-2012 and the rise of superhero movies.

A couple of interesting current nuggets floating around regarding the topic of comic book cinema and politics:

  • There is that recent Deadline interview with Alan Moore in which he basically says the rise of superhero flicks has helped along fascism. This is, indeed, what started me on the kick of revisiting this topic.
  • Chris Pratt, of the famous MCU Chrises, is apparently cancelled for being an alleged Trump supporter. I happen to know on really good authority (really good) that there is another quite key Marvel Cinematic Universe actor who has had some conservative/conspiracy-minded viewpoints but early on realized (most probably rightly so) they would derail/destroy his career.

Such an interesting time to be writing about this shit, is it not?

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