The Daily Eris 10.8.20: Hallelujah, Where’s the Tylenol?

What, me worry?

I keep waiting to write when I really have a “handle” on what I want to express, with all my notes & quotes at the ready. This is just not seeming to happen, so I suppose it is either this or nothing.

For starters, the “official” conspiracy theories flying around Pence’s fly at last night’s VP debate are that a) the Dems created a CGI fly to embarrass the GOP, b) it was a “trained” fly, c) it was a “trained” fly infected with COVID, which is why Pence got the pinkeye. Now, there is a smaller percentage of conspiracy theorists who believe that the fly landed on Pence because he’s secretly a “cacodemon,” which attracts the insect. But of course a CGI fly in a hijacked broadcast or trained infected fly assassin is far more plausible.

possible “cacodemon”

Beyond that, as everyone knows, the “hottest” conspiracy theories flying around (sorry) at the moment are about Hillary & Obama; because certainly there is nothing strange or worrisome or completely fucking batshit bizarre happening at the White House.

I honestly don’t know how somebody can call themselves a Christian and a conspiracy theorist and eschatological guru and gematria genius and NOT recognize the serious wrath-of-God shit happening right now regarding our president & his entourage. Pulling a random quote out of the Bible, I found Ezekiel 29, which describes how on the tenth month, on the twelfth day, God is going to serve a massive backhand to the Pharaoh of Egypt for being an arrogant putz.

In the passage, the Pharaoh is compared to a dragon deep in the river, who God hooks by the jaw and yanks out of the water. Attached to the dragon are all these fish, sticking to his scales; which to me, are like the all the dragon’s hanger-ons and shit. Then the “beasts of the field” & “the fowls of the heaven” set to feast on the dragon & the fish. End scene.

Or we could consider the scenario put forth by late celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne in her 2008 book End of Days, in which she not only apparently seems to have predicted the coronavirus hitting this year, but claimed that a president will die in office of a heart-attack by 2020. Or we could turn to the predictions of the late Macedonian-Bulgarian blind psychic Baba Vanga, who said that the 45th president of the United States would get sick in office in 2020 with a malady that would leave him with brain trauma.

Going back to Browne, she also noted that the U.S. president in 2020 would be the “last” one, at least in the current way we understand how such leaders are elected. Basically, she believed that 2020 would be a sort of “breaking point” for the public, who were sick of the way things were run both in politics & business. The result would be radical change.

And, as Sacred Contracts author Caroline Myss has declared today in a video called “How Much More Chaos Can We Take?, “change has been initiated.”

Let’s repeat that, for those in the back: CHANGE HAS BEEN INITIATED.

And her point is that radical change is indeed taking place **right now,** and that we have the choice to have constructive or destructive change. Though in a way…all change can be construed as “destructive,” depending on your point of view. The bird who is born must break the shell, etc.

“Geopoliticus Child Watching The Birth Of The New Man,” by Salvador Dali (1943)

With the COVID-19 outbreak amongst the President & his cronies (which…is probably a bit worse than is being officially let on), we see a case where people would literally choose to die rather than change. And not only choose for themselves to die, but to take out as many people as they can along the way.

I have personally observed this phenomena in several settings during the course of my life, especially in the realm of Business. “Death rather than change,” and anybody who tries to help them change (thus avoiding death) is (of course) the Enemy.

Now, Jesus Christ has a bunch of words regarding this topic throughout the Bible. In fact…I’d say this topic is largely the “meat” of what He’s trying to get across. And it’s basically: “evolve or die.” Which, funnily enough is what a lot of philosophers, thinkers and holy people have been saying throughout the history of humankind.

By the way, I was doing some meditation yesterday night, and Jesus seemed to indicate that one thing people don’t know about him is that he was actually a really funny guy. Of course, I am not saying that the actual Jesus was communicating with me, saying he was a funny guy. I am, among other things, a fantasy & science-fiction writer.


As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have been spending the past month writing & making art in an actual honest-to-god physical paper journal. About 2/3s into this enterprise, I found out by accident that one of my favorite writers, William S. Burroughs, considered scrapbooking & collage to be pretty much metaphysical in nature. This was quite interesting to me, as most of the people online who are into scrapbooking (also known as “junk journals”) are middle-aged women like theoretically myself. Though I think the term “junk journal” without doubt fits in with Mr. Burroughs.

I will come back in the future & expand on his scrapbooking/”cut-up” theory of personal development & time travel, and maybe share a few images from my own book.

Here’s one I did yesterday:


Also, it is apparently renowned Hollywood asshole Chevy Chase’s birthday today. Here is one of my favorite clips of his work:

Have a good day.

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One thought on “The Daily Eris 10.8.20: Hallelujah, Where’s the Tylenol?

  1. “I honestly don’t know how somebody can call themselves a Christian and a conspiracy theorist and eschatological guru and gematria genius and NOT recognize the serious wrath-of-God shit happening right now regarding our president & his entourage.”

    Its kinda worrisome to me, a Christian, but not a theorist and no guru. Genius maybe. Recently Eric Metaxas, who wrote a bio of Dietrich Bonhoeffer that a lot of evangelicals liked, praised trump, saying “who is like unto him” (which is said of God, worrying enough, but also of the Beast in revelation.

    and it struck me that the whole beastial “recovered from a deadly head wound, and all the world wondered after the beast” stuff would ordinarily trigger the obvious associations of crazy eschatological gurus to prnounce thats the kind of thing the beast would do.

    Some Eschatologies are “idealist” where one can expect the kinds of things Revelation symbolizes in to happen over and over, and provide a kind of guide to understanding the general times without the freight of the world coming to an end. Or, alternatively, worlds are always coming to an end. Communist Russia came to a crash, no reason the “Evangelical World” from the 20s (Machen’s Trial, Fundamentalists ) to the 2020s isn’t the end of a “world” too.

    As long as people keep the predication and predictions at the vague “hey could be” level, I’m chill considering it. (one of the things I appreciate about you as an “esoteric” writer, Val is that you don’t have a program to sell or make decisive pronouncements, but you throw out things you think might be useful in a general sense (not saying I’m endorsing, but I appreciate it)

    The big shock to my Christian sensibilities (which were pretty shocked by Trump already: never been a fan, think he’s a disaster for evangelical xianity and anything conservative/republican) was the bible waving in front of a church. What popped into my mind was what I’d been reading/thinking for a while: the way Jesus says righteousness done to be “seen of men” will “have its reward”.

    “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.”

    Its gets human attention, and “works” in the “ways of the world” sense. But God gives it ZERO interest and attention. What struck me was Jesus started warning the Pharisees about their hypocrisy and wanting “approval of men” from the start of his 3.5 year ministry.

    At the end of his earthy ministry, 3.5 years later, he warned his remaining disciples AGAIN that they should not follow this practice, among other things. And then he warned his co-religionists that they were completely doomed.
    They looked good on the outside but inside were full of dead men’s bones. They said “we LOVED the prophets, we would have listened to them” Jesus said, “that’s how I know you hated them” Jesus said “you might as well go all the way” -Matthew 23:32 “snakes” he called them. and then he told them that it was going to be all over in one generation. “WE” (hypocritical evangelical Americans) are DOOMED if Jesus words mean anything here

    Doesn’t mean the “end of the cosmos” but its the end of A world.

    Anyway, wanted to share. Would be fun to chat sometime.

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