The Daily Eris 10.4.20

In many cultures throughout history there has been a “framework” in place to deal with spiritual matters. Community exorcisms, talent-scouting potential shamans, blessing the crops, etc.

Our modern society has largely considered itself “too cool for school” in this department. And yet these metaphysical issues, needs, sicknesses, etc. still find a way to be addressed. A lot of it is done through our popular culture. A bunch of it is done through the internet & social media. And most of it is performed subconsciously by the Collective, to varying degrees of success/failure/chaos.

I have been an “intuitive” all my life, and would have certainly been a candidate for “village shaman” if that all was still a thing. But since there was no stated need for any type of metaphysical moderator in the society I found myself incarnating within, I never really got much in the way of training or even basic advice for a very long time.

And indeed, I am still rather spiritually undisciplined. My psychic boundaries are, in a word, shit. I pick up up vibes percolating within the Collective sometimes weeks, months, or even years before certain events & movements take place—and often while in the process of picking up said vibes, I’m just totally flattened and destroyed by the intensity of it all.

Drinking alcohol, of course, helps. It also doesn’t really help.

Since the end of 2012 (cliche, I know) my abilities/propensities in this department (metaphysics, I mean…not drinking; though certainly, drinking too) have really skyrocketed. But, like I said, I have no spiritual discipline, my psychic boundaries are crap, etc. So the overall net takeaway from everything since then has been quite overwhelming for me.

Antidepressants, to a degree, help.

This all takes us to the current era/year…the year everything went insane (though it had truly been insane for a good long while before, just not as obvious & gory).

Long story short, the Bat-phone in my brain has been flashing red like “danger, Will Robinson!” about a lot of stuff. Though one might say—rightly so—that you don’t need to be psychic for that, just read any day’s headlines and then make a b-line for the nearest Xanax.

At any rate…it occurs to me that I do need to get a bit more spiritually disciplined than I have been. And because progress is holistic: it’s not just spiritual discipline/wellness I need, but physical, healthwise, emotionally, all that jazz.

And so that’s really what I’m focusing on now. I’ll discuss in future posts what that all looks like, and how it’s going. As I’ve mentioned previously…focusing my attention away from the online world has certainly benefited me. Physical journaling in a book rather than digital, and incorporating art, has been a very good experience; if for no other reason than there’s a meditative quality to it that I can’t get with a computer or phone.

As for current events, and how things may play out in the world…I feel “frozen” at the moment in terms of continuing to publicly speculate/give my two cents on it all. It’s just all happening too fast.

I do know that on a basic, karmic level—and remember, karma is ultimately a matter of energetic physics—rejoicing over another person’s misfortune is just bad mojo. Like, I’m human, and I totally “get” the impulse; and I’ve certainly rejoiced in the past over the misery of those perceived by me to be “the baddies.” I’m just telling you from a karmic perspective, such behavior really “sets you up” for your own misfortune. Because you get what you give—that’s physics, not ethics or morality. Physics.

And so that’s it…that’s all I have to say right now on all that.

One thought on “The Daily Eris 10.4.20

  1. I think you’re onto something here. I’m trying to prioritize self care too. Events are forcing it on me and it really is job one before you can do anything else


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