The Daily Eris 9.27.20: We Live In A Society

I’ll just cut to the chase. Given the extraordinary circumstances of the present moment, both politically and socially, I cannot help but feel as if some deeply strange events are afoot.

I do not claim to be an academic-level historian, but precedent seems to indicate that some really weird cryptic never-to-be-satisfyingly-explained shenanigans are immanent. Frankly, I find it extremely likely that not one but several high-level discussions have already happened among interested parties regarding my country’s bizarre predicament. Especially once the Bush/Reagan Republicans got involved.

And I want nothing to do with it! In fact: I want nothing to do with anything regarding anyone or anything about anything.

Most of all: I do not want to be right. About anything.

There’s no point in being right—or simply having a strong opinion—if it’s not easily digestible for the masses and based on a binary black-and-white conceptual grid. Another way of saying this is: before you speak out on a hot-button topic, you gotta figure out who’s bankrolling you. You have to determine: what, exactly, are you selling, and for whom? I’ve botched this numerous times in my admittedly patchy career.

I’ll be honest: I don’t really understand a lot about mainstream society. Rather: I do probably understand quite a bit, but not in a way that makes said society look awesome.

The biggest cause of conflict, disaster, and misery in the world is not a specific ideology, group of people, or financial schema; nor is it the Devil. Rather, the culprit is the tendency for humans to believe they are far more civilized & removed from the rest of the animal kingdom than they actually are.

And I could go on and on about all this, and dig up all sorts of nuggets from here and there and hither and yon deftly backing up my hypothesis. But again I must stop and ask the question: who is bankrolling me? What side am I being paid to represent?

Instead, I’ll default to the original premise of this post: that some highly irregular shit is likely just around the corner.

What can you do in the face of such extraordinary circumstances? My advice is, stay the fuck out of it. Just stay the fuck out of it.

I have spent almost a month largely offline and journaling on an actual fucking paper journal. I did this largely to try to get my head straight and not place myself directly into the path of being continuously sold to.

When you go on social media, a news website, etc…you are being sold to, all the fucking time. In fact, this is the main reason why the Internet even exists. Just like variety TV shows in the 1950’s, only they had the decency to sell you the tobacco right up front.

Half the people who follow you on Twitter don’t even exist. Social media is a goddamn ghost town. Worse yet, there is no Carol in HR!

People gotta stop digging into these more fanciful conspiracy theories and instead simply ask the question of the hulking steaming elephant smack dab in the middle of the room: how did the United States end up with a president this dysfunctional? ‘Cause that’s my conspiracy theory.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I truly feel that Donald J. Trump is the Ozymandias squid. He is the Mayan Apocalypse 2012, Y2K, the Red Menace, the Zika virus, everything wrapped up into one media-ready shambling blustering package.

And when he finally is no longer holding office, the prevailing mainstream media narrative is going to be like when we won World War II. Everything’s going to be better now!

Except…there’s still going to be a lot of fucked up shit. In fact: a lot of fucked up shit has been happening all this time, for many decades, quite independent of this fucked-up shit-President.

In summary: I believe that Trump is playing the bad guy in a comicbook-level yarn which also happens to be real life. To be fair, in some versions of the story, for some people, he’s actually the second coming of Christ. But I’m talking about mainstream media narratives, now. I’m talking about the tentpole narratives, the Marvel franchise-level shit. I’m not talking about the Alex Jones shit.

When you set out to be a creative-type person, the type that writes shit, the first question they’re going to ask you is: who’s bankrolling you? Whose side are you on? And then you have to step back and try to figure out where you fit within the mainstream Marvel franchise tentpole blockbuster media narrative. Are you Captain America? Or are you Iron Man? These are important questions you need to fucking nail down if you want to succeed.

Because you live in a Society, my friend.

We live in a Society.

Postscript: roughly a half-hour after I posted this, news broke that former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale was taken into custody and committed after threatening to harm himself with multiple firearms in his Ft. Lauderdale luxury home.

One thought on “The Daily Eris 9.27.20: We Live In A Society

  1. I’m trying to stay off social media, too. It’s helping to improve my mood. I just watched The Social Dilemma, which kind of goes along with what you’re saying.


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