Messenger Shiva Part 3: Synchromysticism, or, The Comic Book That Predicted The Future

Even as late as 2007, the synchronicity still haunted me.


On September 12, 2001, the comic book The Adventures Of Superman #596 hit stands (are there really “stands” anymore? Well that’s neither here nor there). The plot was the tried-and-true sci-fi trope of an alien attack on Earth. Certainly, this comic came out in the immediate (next day) aftermath of the worst terrorist attack on American soil ever, and so of course the “alien invasion” part would have this inevitable resonance. And it’s a pretty standard comic book plot.


The Adventures Of Superman #596 featured several images that seemed rather…here, let’s look at this shot of the twin LexCorp buildings damaged by the aliens:

That’s the LexCorp buildings in the fictional city of Metropolis, based on the real-life New York City.

HOWEVER, the actual LexCorp building only had one tower. The artist, writer, editor, or all three “got it wrong” by including/allowing two towers.

The comic in question also showcased images of the destruction and damage to other landmarks around the world, including Washington D.C….




This comic came out on September 12, 2001, folks. It would have taken at least 2-3 months in advance to create.

I had worked in the office that made that comic book. I remember the staff freaking out over their unintentional “9/11 comics” that were made by “sheer coincidence.” I remember watching the towers fall on the monitor in the conference room of that very office.

And I would find out that I was not the only person who would notice the synchronicity.

From the 1973 film “Godspell,” featuring a Superman-resonating Christ figure and the WTC

“I do not believe that secret societies control things. I believe they exert massive influence, but that is all. They, like us, are part of the one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, like Bill Hicks used to say. Their footprint will be necessarily seen in major world events like 9/11, until we assert our connection to the divine for ourselves.”
–Jake Kotze

Of all the theorists I encountered down the rabbit hole in years immediately following 9/11, none have probably influenced me as much as Jake Kotze. The blogger and video-maker had posted an impressive collection of videos starting in 2007 on the YouTube channel Seallion, featuring a bunch of lectures on the intersection between the esoteric, pop-culture, and world events. He even did a video containing “my” Superman comic sync as part of his 9/11 themed “Comic Book Cycle,” (which was really surreal to watch):

Specifically, Kotze coined the term “synchromysticism,” defined by him as follows:

The art of finding meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoterical significance.

His work addressed stuff I had always thought about, but never had the vocabulary or context to fully explore. It had seemed to me that there was a sort of “cosmic dance” between events/icons in pop-culture and what would later happen in real life. There always seemed to be this strange “predictive” quality about movies, television, and even comics…and even when it wasn’t strictly predictive, there was certainly  “resonance” going on between them and the “real,” an ouroboros of reality and fantasy in which one wasn’t sure who “got” the idea first.

Per Kotze:

In my personal opinion, these synchronicities show to us how the universe plays with itself, and tries to send us messages embedded in the very fabric of everything…if we just look from a certain perspective. I believe if we open our minds to the ebb and flow of the coincidence around us, we can learn much valuable information about the world we inhabit.

Another concept of Kotze’s that had a big impact on me was that of “resonances” themselves—especially between the roles of a certain actor or actress. For example, the idea that an actor like Jim Carrey plays similar roles in film after film—and that when he is cast in a certain movie, he brings a certain “resonance” or metatextual quality with him that gives the role extra meaning.

And Kotze would take this one step further, by pointing out that Carrey’s initials are “JC”—resonating Jesus Christ. And that would sound very (very) crazy to the neophyte/casual bystander…but apparently Carrey himself has basically referred to himself as a “Christ-like” figure. So at the very least…Carrey believes all this, too.

Of course, there is another reason one could give for these actors having the same type of role over and over again—”typecasting.” But isn’t “typecasting” kinda like saying…a specific performer is “resonating” a certain archetype? Isn’t this all just a matter of semantics? Which brings me to…

*** *** ***


If you would like to know one of the fastest routes to having your friends and family doubt your immediate sanity, mention to them an instance of synchronicity you’ve noticed recently. Bonus points if you have ascribed ANY meaning at all to the event. Congratulations: you have now become an official recipient of the the stare-as-if-you-have-three-eyes-and-are-also-bug-fuck-crazy.

Now certainly, engaging in the sort of mental gymnastics I’ve just described was pretty much stock-in-trade for famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung—but the fact that you’re spending your life reading Carl Jung when you could be instead doing a mentally-healthy activity like catching up on the latest HBO series or chugging shots at the bar with your buddies after work or obsessively entering your caloric intake on the latest health app on your phone means you’re already (I’m afraid) quite far gone.

That said…the socially-accepted “fact” that noticing these coincidences exist means you’re theoretically mentally ill DOES NOT erase the fact that these coincidences exist. You can dismiss the massive amount of pre-9/11 seeming references to 9/11 in popular culture as being the result of tinfoil chapeau-wearing conspiracy nuts…but that doesn’t erase the fact that these very weird and uncanny synchronicities did happen.

It doesn’t erase the fact that a “Superman” comic released one day after 9/11 featured images almost exactly like those of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Again: how did this happen? Why did this happen? Is there even a why? Is there any type of meaningful reason at all synchronicity occurs (other than to get hits on a popular Cracked article)?

*** *** ***


One of the reasons I think I was so drawn to Kotze’s work was that the extremely “literal” theories regarding what “really” happened at 9/11 were sort of alienating to me. It wasn’t that temporarily immersing myself into the hyper-paranoid metatheoretical worlds of a David Icke or the videos Loose Change & Zeitgeist (both of which I will cover in a future post) didn’t have their escapist charms.

But the fact was, in the final analysis I just didn’t believe that 9/11 was literally engineered by George W. Bush and Company. Just watching him drop a deuce in his pants during that famous video of him reading “My Pet Goat” in the school and being informed about the event…this dude wasn’t Illuminati Mastermind of shit. And while I think the full story of 9/11 probably involves more than what we presently know as the “official” story…I’m just a Quantum Theorist at heart, not a Literal Theorist (you can recap the definitions of the two here).

Kotze seemed right in the middle of these two poles (and that itself seems be an esoteric reference, somewhere). While he definitely saw resonances between elements of 9/11 and key “secret society” concepts (like the pyramids of Giza, the Pillars of Freemasonry, and so on)…he seemed to feel that the final answer lay beyond—not in this world. And that for us to be truly empowered, we needed to shift our focus from the literal to the quantum.

Having recently re-watched that first batch of videos, it’s tempting to go over here his basic theories on 9/11. But they would really need their own posts. The woefully insufficient Reader’s Digest version is that he thought 9/11 was a “mega-ritual” designed to open up a “stargate” in order to facilitate communication with higher intelligences. That it was coming off of the Y2K “energies,” the coming of the new millennium, the shifting of the Aeons from Osiris to Horus as per Aleister Crowley. And that is why the new “Freedom Tower” was technically finished in 2012—another highly important year, per the Mayans, the start of a new era.

And while secret societies like the legendary “Illuminati” and whatnot certainly “desired,” on some level, this all to happen—this was a drama ultimately taking place on a higher plane of existence.

And there you have it.

Not something, perhaps, to expound during the family Thanksgiving dinner table (or in your therapy session). But as the dialogue in Conspiracy Culture started to morph more and more away from the “we’re all in this together” bipartisan aesthetic to one clearly “marking” some groups as “the enemy”…such esoteric theories were preferable. At least to me.

Because by the time you got to 2007, 2008…things were starting to get ugly not only in that “fringe” sphere, but in online culture as a whole. Certainly not as ugly as they would get when 2012/2013 rolled around, and certainly not as ugly as things are now. But they were getting ugly.

And I was like:

But before I focus on that crucial shift, we’re going to take a look at a couple of key independently-made online-distributed videos that shaped everything that was to come…as well as as the larger “legit” cinematic landscape this all sprung out of.


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