The Daily Eris 9.10.20: Operation Mindf**k Redux, or, How To Suck Eggs

“Man is a creature who makes pictures of himself and then comes to resemble the picture.”

Iris Murdoch

Good evening, or morning, depending on where you are.

You know, you might find this hard to believe…but my mom used to call me a “horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE, horrible horrible little girl.” It’s true!

On this day in 2008, the Large Hadron Collider powered up for the first time. And we can see all the bullshittery that caused!

I have a knack for cracking more and more jokes the more anxious I get. I mean…when like nothing is going on, I’m anxious (but that’s bullshit anxiousness). But when I’m truly stressed, with good reasons to be…then I’m just guffaws.

I remember being in an editorial meeting at the beginning of my career, with this notoriously loud and awful senior editor just yelling at us. Red-faced, furious, ranting and raving at the entire crew. And when this took place, I had such a huge uncontrollable desire to burst out laughing! I had to pinch under my arms until they almost bled to keep myself from just wildly chuckling my brains out in the middle of that conference room like a hyena.

Anyway: the world does seem to be making the cha-cha to the shitter, but I have not lost hope. Because I still have PLENTY of things to write and repost and generally cause problems with.

To that end, I’ve decided to break out of the dusty archives and repost all my material about the history of Conspiracy Culture up to the present. I’m largely doing this because it appears some interested parties consciously hijacked Conspiracy Culture somewhere between the aftermath of 9/11 and the years leading up to 2012 in order to create an environment (including the “Q”-tipheads) in which we have an absolute raving maniac in charge of the entire country. The oft-said phrase (at least within the echoing chambers of my delicate skull) “Operation Mindfuck worked too well” immediately comes to mind.

To that end, the first of these posts, “The Death Of Conspiracy Culture” (an examination of how the “conspiracy chic” of the 1990s turned essentially fascist) is now live on the site.

Pretty soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow, I will start reposting “Messenger Shiva,” my multi-part examination of the Conspiracy Culture that quickly flourished after 9/11. Some time after that, I will work on putting up “Geek Will Eat Itself,” which covers the crucial intersection between Conspiracy Culture and (mostly sci-fi/superhero) Pop-Culture during the 2008-2013 span.

Lastly, I would like to bring to your attention that within four mere days of posting my “Manson-Nixon Line” piece—which posited that a re-cycle of the Nixon/Woodward/Watergate energy was immanent—we had that shit with Trump and ol’ Woody. Not tryin’ to brag, but…


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