The Daily Eris 9.8.20: A Flaw In The Basic Design

It seems rather late to write a new “Daily Eris” for today, but at least some rather interesting things happened on this day historically—whereas tomorrow is just Adam Sandler’s birthday so, “meh.”

On this day in 1504, Michelangelo’s “David” was unveiled. On March 11 of this year, a 17-foot replica of the statue on display at Forest Lawn Memorial Park suddenly fell over and smashed to bits. This accident was attributed to a “flaw” in the basic design of “David,” which apparently not only the original shares but has been the downfall of many other replicas.

Now, I remember when that image of the fallen “David” ran in the L.A. Times, how I saved a copy and filed it away in my folder of general 2020 Batshittery and Disasters. It seemed…prescient. Indeed, this would turn out to be a year chock full of shattered statues.

On this day in 1966, the first “official” Star Trek episode aired. Called “The Man Trap,” it was about a shapeshifting alien who sucked the salt out of hapless (mostly male) human types. But it should be remembered that there were two Star Trek pilots made before “The Man Trap”: “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

what a salt-sucking shapeshifting alien might look like, inside

It is at this juncture that I did want to make you aware of my quartet (or: quadrology) of esoteric Star Trek posts, the last of which (for now, anyway) I put up a few days ago:

Starseed And Star Trek: VAAL and VALIS

Starseed And Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Starseed And Star Trek: Space Seed, Glass Pyramids, And Defeating Nixon

Star Trek’s “The Cage”: Ancient Astronauts, Aliens and Lam Oh My

And lastly, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that it is Scream franchise actor David Arquette’s birthday—because I think we can all agree that he is cooler than Adam Sandler.


Hot on the heels of being recently disillusioned by one formerly-fave esoteric writer, yesterday I had the occasion to once again have my idealism stomped-on. In a way, this particular case was both worse and not unexpected. It really does seem that esoteric writers have a knack of transforming from free-thinking anti-establishment types to basically sucking Trump’s cock. A notable exception would be David Icke, who is certainly problematic in infinity other ways but called out our current president as a piece of shit from the beginning rather than rationalizing things to a ridiculous degree in order to redeem that clown.

That said, in terms of major living esoteric writers I currently read (and I’m not even including metaphysical/astrology/channeling types, ’cause that is a WHOLE ‘nuther topic) it’s sort of whittling down to mostly Peter Levenda and Jeffrey J. Kripal. I also have a copy of Season of the Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock and Roll and Strange Frequencies, both by Peter Bebergal, so who knows after I read ’em he might be added to my list of fave authors.

That said: I do want to add more current book reviews, etc. to this particular site. To be honest, I have a metric shit-ton of archived content I’m slowly updating and rolling out here…but I’m making a point to just turn around some new shit. It’s as much for me as it is for you.

That’s it for now…a hearty “thank you” to some much-needed new Patreon patrons (info to support the site below), and just thanks to everyone (all 20 or 15 or 8 of you) for reading.

Have a good day.


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