The Daily Eris 9.4.20: What? What. What? What.

“Another reason for the need of the long path’s prepatory work is that the mind, nerves, emotions, and body of the man shall be gradually made capable of sustaining the influx of the solar force, or spirit-energy.”

Paul Brunton

This day in 476 AD marks the traditional end of the Western Roman Empire.

Science-fiction author Philip K. Dick believed that Time actually stopped back in, variously, 20 or 45 or 70 AD, and that we were henceforth just repeating the same tropes over and over again.

Dick also believed he was actually a Gnostic Christian named Thomas, and that then-President Tricky Dick Nixon was really just another mad Roman patriarch of the Nero mold, Nero continuing, Nero forever replicating in different forms applicable to the seeming change of eras.

Dick also believed that the only entity who could save us from this powerful malevolent presence—an archetype he referred to as “Ferris F. Fremont” (the numerical value of his initials being “666”)—was a creature called “VALIS.” In fact, as my latest post goes into detail about, he claimed VALIS instructed him to write various letters to the media a politicians in the battle to unseat Nixon/Fremont.

Of course…it was the opinion of a number of people that Philip K. Dick was merely suffering from inadequately-treated mental illness and the pernicious effects of various addictive substances. And included in that “number of people” who believed such things about Dick was occasionally Dick himself.


I sometimes do not know really what to write; rather, I guess I get unmotivated.

So then I kind of…let it write itself. And that can be fun, and that can be exhausting. I have a tendency subconsciously to anticipate things before they happen, and it makes me tired. It makes me tired because I feel as if I’ve already lived this lifetime; a sensation that is as odd as it sounds.


The 1968 movie Head—co-written by Jack Nicholson, of all people—is as enjoyable and accurate and insane an epitaph of the Sixties as you can possibly get, starring the “bubblegum” stars themselves The Monkees. The whole movie was essentially a funeral, and the Monkees fans didn’t understand and were not pleased (the Monkees essentially set their career on fire and walked away from the flaming car with this one).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-08-31-11.59.14.jpg

But if you are trying to understand the exact energy I’m referring to throughout this post—as well as at that particular time in ’68—Head is a great place to start (as the clip below, in its entirety, demonstrates; in particular, note the “grotesque” character at the end as he confronts the Monkees):


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