The Daily Eris: James Dean, Steve Bannon, and My Favorite Migraine

“A Zen master’s life is one continuous mistake.”

— Dōgen Zenji

I currently have the mother, father, stepfather, cousin, and extended family of all migraines. But I suppose if I could accomplish “paperworky” type things this afternoon, I could certainly give this post a try.

Well, let’s cut to the chase: Steve Bannon has been arrested this morning. By U.S. Postal Agents, yet.

What Bannon did—I’m not talking about his alleged fraud charges, but rather his overall place in this continuing national drama—was take notoriously-paranoid-about-the-commies Andrew Breitbart’s basic media empire and sell it out to the Russians, essentially shitting down the neck of most of what Breitbart personally believed in. (Ha-ha, I’m *sure* that’s not true by the way, that’s just a LARP. ) Truly, I shed no tears for Bannon, who is the poster-child of what happens to your rugged good looks when you continue to be an alcoholic well into middle-age and beyond. (Ha-ha, which I’m *sure* didn’t really happen to Bannon! Just a LARP.)

if that image of a young Bannon interests you, I’ve also got some hot pix of a young Alex Jones stashed away in my encrypted Dropbox folder

As noted in my “Tripping The Bill Murray Matrix” post, there is also a resonant energy between the Grim Reaper & Bannon, per Saturday Night Live, compounded by Murray himself eventually being revealed as the skull-masked Trump advisor.

of course, post-COVID this whole sketch is considerably more creepy within context

But who is Steve Bannon to me? Who is Joe Biden? Who is Kamala Harris? Or Twiggy? Twiggy Ramirez? Topo Gigio?

One of the useless topics I try to keep up-to-date on are urban legends regarding Hollywood Legend James Dean, whether it be an alleged curse on his movie Rebel Without A Cause, an alleged curse his former friend Vampira cast upon him, or the alleged fact of his own death. Author Jason Colavito draws a parallel between rumors of Dean’s survival after his presumed-fatal car crash and the UFO lore buzzing around the same time period. In fact Colavito sees Dean as a central archetypal figure of the High Weirdness of the late 1940s-through-1950s:

“As should be obvious, there are major differences. The UFO movement, from its pseudoscientific side to its occult one, alleged that it was a logical outgrowth of actual contact with vehicles or beings from other worlds. Its spiritual component developed out of a supposedly scientific question that took on occult overtones. Its adherents were mostly adults. By contrast, the James Dean death cult was an emotional, quasi-idolatrous eruption of feeling largely among teenagers and abetted by capitalist ghouls who saw it as the birth of a new market demo. Despite these differences, however, there is a strong undercurrent of repressed emotion and discontent manifesting as a fixation on the unattainable.”

Cue Girard’s theory regarding the self-destructive adoration the Masochist has for the Model/Mediator, that unattainable metaphysical object of desire.

At any rate, Colavito’s discussed possible new James Dean/UFO lore book should be quite a pip & required reading for anybody who enjoys my riotous drivel.

Now, here is a fascinating concept, per Aaron Z. Lewis: mapping your daily online media consumption by the staggering amount of time-periods crossed:

This fits in rather beautifully with my overall concept that Reality sometimes really seems like a bunch of bullocks (which can be, at moments, a helpful yoga to consider).

Finally, I want to turn your attention to a type of “religious” experience I had just yesterday. I was watching a TV repair show on YouTube (as I do for fun and personal growth), and the guy had this old big unit from the 1970s that was recovered from a mining site. Now, this television, which he described as “dead,” had been buried in dirt, flooded on, filled with rat poop and pee, and just encrusted with detritus. But he was gonna try to fix it.

And spoilers: fix it, he did, rather unexpectedly. The first crackling eerily-glowing image to bubble up on that screen after decades of inactivity? The Virgin of Guadalupe. I shit you not.

Outside of the curious intersection between Blessed Virgin Mary & UFO sightings, the whole thing brought up this point: technology built nearly 50 years ago and trashed & literally buried with dirt and shit can be made to work (and really well too, if you watch the full video) with some research and puttering around.

But can we say the same thing for the tech being built now, especially those for mainstream consumer consumption?

And my gut says no—partially because I believe a lot of this current stuff has “planned obsolescence” very consciously embedded within the production process.

But what do I know?

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