This Is Not A Dream: Exploring The Hudson Hawk Code


Hi, I’m being blackmailed into robbing the Vatican by a psychotic American corporation and the C.I.A..
–Hudson Hawk

My name is Kit Kat
This is not a dream
–Kit Kat

1991’s Hudson Hawk is pretty much an unbearable vanity project specifically created to showcase the wit and wisdom of Bruce Willis (who is pretty much neck-in-neck with Nic Cage for most hit/bomb/hit/bomb cinematic track-record).

But the film also strangely shares certain esoteric resonances with 2006’s Da Vinci Code. Let’s explore a few, segueing into one of my favorite obscure movie characters, Kit Kat!

For starters: both films prominently feature the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.


The Da Vinci “flying machine”

While of course Da Vinci Code famously showcases the cryptic “The Last Supper” painting, the plot of Hudson Hawk turns on a machine supposedly created by Da Vinci that turns lead into gold. Our perpetually-smirking protagonist Willis then needs to find crystals hidden in Da Vinci’s masterworks that will operate the machine.


Punchable Face

Willis’ character Hudson Hawk is a bizarre type of very unlikely “Chosen One”…we could interpret his last name as a reference to Horus, the hawk/headed Egyptian god who represents the New Aeon.

Hawk has a bizarre sort of “virginity” going on (it’s complicated), and so does his love interest played by Andie McDowell.


McDowell plays a nun, but a sexy nun dressed in red (basically…the Scarlet Woman, Babalon). This character resonates the chaste-yet-sexy Divine Feminine in the same way Audrey Tatou (playing “Sophie”…Sophia, the Gnostic goddess of wisdom) does in Da Vinci Code.


Now, to operate Da Vinci’s machine, they need a “perfect fool” to operate it…which is where, of course, Willis comes in.


The “key” to the Da Vinci machine is literally a merkabah—of course! (An esoteric symbol representing a divine light vehicle.)

But he needs to complete the Alchemical Union with McDowell (two pure “virgins”) make this all work…to make The Great Work.


Punchable Face

But that’s not even the most esoteric part of Hudson Hawk.


No, the most esoteric part of Hudson Hawk is the David Caruso character, Kit Kat.

I don’t know how there isn’t web pages and web pages filled with esoteric theories about Kit Kat. Basically, he’s a mute hitman type guy who communicates in what looks like fortune cookie messages & is a master of disguise.


But more than a master of disguise…he just sort of quietly dresses up and imitates other characters in the film, like right next to them before they even realize it.



Carrying the Da Vinci Code analogy along, we could equate Kit Kat with Silas the monk…


…but it’s deeper than that.

When he first introduces himself he uses the message,

“My name is Kit Kat
This is not a dream.”

Which to me…that is one of those great esoteric lines! (I dunno, maybe I’m just weird)


He disguises himself as the Willis character, then disguises himself as…the McDowell character (complete with the Scarlet Woman dress…when we first meet him he’s also dressed all in red).

And then disguises himself as a Hermes-type statue. So basically, he’s a literal shapeshifter, living out the Hermes-Aphrodite symbolism–and then he sacrifices himself at the end to save McDowell.



And so…it’s just a very strange esoteric character in a movie with a lot of esoteric references. (Made even more strange because…the whole film, at least outwardly, was just an ego wank for Bruce Willis)

Essentially: Hudson Hawk saves the day by ushering in the Age of Horus via the use of sacred geometry (merkabah).


And you just thought Hudson Hawk was just an ordinary terrible Bruce Willis movie!

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