The Daily Eris: “Seems Like I Survived Your Sick Experiment, Dr. Schrödinger”


“if lenin and mao were alive today they would both write not about politics, but about Neon Genesis Evangelion”

Hello again. These donuts are not going to eat themselves. Let’s get going!

I tend to read into “the story behind the story” pretty quick. That’s part of why I’m so fabulously popular.

Case in point: reviewing schlock pic King Kong Vs. Godzilla seemed to be a straightforward and somewhat banal enterprise. Then…I stumbled onto a major conspiracy, Mac!!!


So basically, King Kong’s original animator Willis O’Brien came up with this idea for a “King Kong Vs. Frankenstein” movie in the early 1960s. He brings it to a producer, who then goes behind O’Brien’s back and sells the concept to Japanese studio Toho—cutting O’Brien out of the deal. The cherry on the fucking cupcake is that O’Brien dies the year “King Kong Vs. Frankenstein” comes out (let’s face it: probably of a broken heart).


Which begs the question, once again: what the fuck is wrong with human beings? Seriously? What the fuck?

Philosopher Rene Girard had a theory that most humans have the tendency to gather in groups, find a scapegoat, ostracize/kill the scapegoat, and then build a religion around the scapegoat largely to obscure the fact that they are not as goddamn civilized as they would like to think they are.

I’m sure Girard is mistaken. He’s never going to get ahead in life with that negative attitude.



recently deceased climate scientist Konrad Steffen

Here’s another example of the story behind the story…two separate articles I recently found close together on Reddit’s front page.

In the first news item (dated 8/14), we are provided with the encouraging information that due to climate change, Greenland’s ice sheet has melted to the point of no return…

…in the second (dated 8/13), we’re informed that famed climate scientist Konrad Steffen is presumed dead after falling through ice in Greenland during a research expedition.

Now, you figure out the underlying narrative here, the cause-and-effect, the way this is all structured like an omnipotent godlike screenwriter is trying too hard for an Oscar.


The climate scientist is killed by broken—probably weakened from melting—ice in Greenland. The weak ice swallows him whole. Also: the ice sheet in Greenland is crucially melting, a really bad sign for this planet as a whole.

Why do you think they are making such a big push for Space Force, despite the fact that America’s economy is in the shitter?


no, this isn’t a screenshot from a fringe YouTube video on Illuminati symbolism, this is straight from the official Space Force website

Two reasons:

  1. Money
  2. A whole bunch of rich people (see the first reason again) have decided that Earth is eventually going to get fucked up and so fuck it: they need to expand.

That’s why we are having this push for Space Force.

Some (moderately powerful/well-connected) people have just written most of us off already. We need to really come to grips with this now. I think. We’re being handed a lot of bread and circuses to lessen the blow and to prevent us all from going chop chop with the guillotine.


That said, sometimes really need my bread and circuses.



Here’s a sweet Subgenius shout-out from MST3K’s Joel Hodgson:


Tim Heidecker demonstrates “When the Hydroxychloroquine kicks in”:





And that’s about it…I have a LOT of feelings about Ed Snowden, who recently popped up again in the news, but that’s a whole separate thought-package.


I also have my post investigating whether or not Gong Show host Chuck Barris was an assassin for the CIA (always an evergreen topic!), so check that out if it’s relevant to your interests.

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