The Daily Eris: Where I’m At


I figure I should tell you how things are going, as just like a baseline, a touchpoint.

1st thing: I truly feel that if you are 100% dedicating yourself to a “side” in this here current world situation…well, that’s your choice, correct?

Personally, I think reality is messy. I think the truth is messy. I think that reality is ultimately ambiguity.

Christianity is often seen as this extreme, one-sided philosophy. But in actuality, there’s a lot of appeals to free-mindedness in the New Testament. “In this essay, I will…”

But both Testaments of the Bible, the whole thing, gets co-opted by TPTB as a control tool. And so those in Control push all the dogmatic aspects. Basically, Jesus gets crucified for saying that John the Baptist’s ascetic approach and his own more rock n’ roll “drinking with the sinners” methodology are both OK, are both pathways to Enlightenment.

And Jesus also says multiple times, flat-out (I’m paraphrasing here), “a lot of people are going to misunderstand what I’m saying.” And also (still paraphrasing), “there are and will still be a lot of hypocrites who honestly believe they’re doing the right thing in the name of God.”

So: the New Testament is actually a very radical set of papers. And I’d start giving a few quotes, but then you’d probably think me crazier than you might already do. So: maybe next time.




I’m currently finishing Week 1 of a two-week voluntary quarantine, as I’ve just returned from a long trip to Florida. Per the media only one day before my return on the Amtrak Silver Meteor, I was to be greeted by reps from NYC and the CDC with all sorts of pamphlets and also be put on a contact tracing list. No such entities were there as I detrained (that’s a great term you learn when you’ve been riding a lot like I have, “detraining”). I actually took some moments to search around Penn and try to find them. No dice.

But I’m doing the responsible thing, and I’ve stayed my ass home.

Shed no tears for me, I have social anxiety. I’ve been quarantining since before it was cool.




A few days after I returned from my trip (a sojourn made much longer-than-usual as the result of Florida’s bananas infection #s), I was laid off. This was not the biggest shock of my life, as most of my job for the past 5 months was to research the economic fallout from COVID-19. Still…


Every job loss is a life transition. It’s the beginning of another era. And all we can really do is gauge the net benefit or detriment of said former employment.

In the case of this particular job, I was forced to upgrade my researching & analysis skills to a very high degree within a very short, concentrated amount of time. My reports got referenced by major media, and even tweeted out by the Governor of Texas (I didn’t brag about that shit here because I didn’t think you were interested). My knowledge of business, finance, economics, statistics, and so on were like put on steroids.

I feel really good about all that. I knew at the time it was crucially important for me to do. But because I had no break during all the emotional fallout of the pandemic, etc. and instead was in this extremely focused non-stop period of research & analysis…I’m just sort of catching my breath at the moment.

Now, because of all the research I’ve done…often using freely available raw data from the U.S. government and various think-tanks…I have very pointed opinions of where we’re (Americans, humans, Earthans) all going. And I can’t even…begin to unpack them here.




What I do want to communicate to you, especially if you are a more esoterically/conspiracy-theory-minded individual, is: some of the best & most useful information resources you could find are readily available & from more-or-less “legit” sources. That’s not saying you shouldn’t use discernment & critical thinking, that’s not saying you shouldn’t question sources, none of that.

But trust me: you are going to get more of the true shit of where things are going—economically, geopolitically, technologically, etc.—through these primary data sources than most fringe websites or videos. Thing is, most people don’t have the time or inclination (or the time) to dig through em. I get that.

Anyway, that’s what I learned so far this year.




Anyway. That’s where I’m at.

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