The Daily Eris: Against My Better Judgement, I Am Indeed Writing Another “Daily Eris”


One thing I’ve recently noted on Twitter is how an awful lot of the stuff I’ve been writing about over the past 5-10 years are all starting to become really relevant at the same time…and that instead of giving me joy, it’s sort of given me the opposite of joy.

I’ve also switched a lot of my Twitter content to humor, which is in direct correlation to how f**ked the world seems at the moment.


Like, I would have tweeted and retweeted the latest Jeffrey Epstein stuff all over the place; but it just seems to be really heavy stuff to foist on my followers non-stop. Even before that, there was the Kanye stuff, the Glee Curse stuff, and so on and so on. And certainly: my personal gripes.

I just feel things are so heavy, I want to lighten things up. Unless…you have specifically signed up for my more esoteric work on this site, in which case you’ve bought in for some occasional unsettling trips down ye olde rabbit hole.

Another thing is, stuff has become so incredibly partisan online that…I’m just not interested in arguing with people.


I’m honestly not interested in changing the minds of people who are clearly stuck in one Reality Tunnel or another. I’m not looking to “convert” anyone. I’m only looking to have occasional conversations. And sometimes…not even that.

I think that when you become super-stuck in your ways and only follow one ideology, or cult, or whatever…it doesn’t well-position you for Life, nor the Future. It just makes you useful for certain political groups and interests; it renders you fodder.

But maybe I’m wrong.


This isn’t the Age of Nuance, though it probably should be; this is not the Age of Accepting Ambiguity, though it probably should be. Parsing nuance and ambiguity is an important evolutionary skill; it’s like the next step up from discovering fire & growing crops.

Rather, it’s the age of Whose SIDE Are You On???!???

It’s a bit of a de-evolution, at least to me. But I could be wrong.


Anyway, that’s where my head’s currently at. More to follow.

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