Brain Download, 5.13.20

So, here are some interesting bits and pieces, if this is something that appeals to you,

Two big future milestones to prepare for:

September 2020

November 2020

These are key months.

If you are the type that tends to buy a little extra stock for the house just for *whatever,* then I think you need to buy some of that now. Not a crisis thing. But ask yourself: what is low on the supply chain? What can I easily purchase now to make my life easier in 3-6 months?

It’s not about being a paranoid “prepper,” but just using some common sense.

From this point on, a lot of meat is going to be on a premium. If you look at the data on meat alternatives, that whole industry, the larger companies who are buying up the “faux meat” companies…they’ve already anticipated this. I mean, pre-COVID.

Beef is an *extremely* expensive meat to cultivate and, pound for pound, doesn’t deliver a proportionate amount of protein/nutrients for all that goes into producing it for human consumption–this was the case, pre-COVID. Now factor in post-COVID.

Medicine. Basic over the counter pain-relievers, aspirin, allergy pills. This stuff is still available, especially in generic, to purchase in bulk, at least in bottles of 100+ and whatever. Do you have a couple of bottles of each in your medicine cabinet?

Do you know how to cook?

Do you have a locally-sourced produce connection? Or are you in a food desert?

I know you want to read about esoteric stuff, if you’re tuning into this blog, but we have to have a real-world 3-D baseline.

Now, the type of politics we are currently going through in the U.S. is unprecedented. Ask yourself: how is this going to play out by Election Day? Honestly?

You don’t need a Nostradamus for that. Study history.

How much can you control and influence, and how much do you need to just step back and not involve yourself?

Because I don’t really have any “predictions” for you. I just have questions. I just have questions to inspire thought and debate.

How much can you help people who don’t want to be helped? Maybe everybody has their own paths in life. Help people who want to be helped, or who truly are in a position not to be able to help themselves.

Obviously, we can’t all be sequestered alone forever in our separate living situations, in perpetual quarantine. And so: who do you trust to live with you?

How do you build communities of people with mutual interests who can trust one another, and who you can trust to take medical precautions when necessary in order to mitigate viral infections and whatnot?

How do you expand the definition of “family?”

I just have questions, here.

**The future is HERE already.** Do you understand what I am telling you? It’s here. There is no Jetsons-type future *way out there.* It’s already here.

We were so distracted, we collectively didn’t see it delivered right to our front door.

And if you see all this “future shock” go on, and you see that the world you knew was dying all around you as Change rampaged…what is your reaction?

This is an important question.

I’m–me, the person who has this account–am 46 years old. Here is how I regard that. I have little interest in becoming 70, 80 years old unless I can contribute to the next generations in some way. Unless I can educate or entertain–and with each, contribute to the *evolution* of the collective.

Humanity is continuing to evolve. There is a mainstream religious idea that humanity as we know it is *it,* and then everything gets packed up and the world ends and all the believers go to “heaven,” the end.

But I don’t think that’s what’s really going to happen. But for a sizable percentage of, say, the population of the United States…they actually believe this. They believe the precipice of the next stage of evolution = the end of the world.

Now, another portion of people–which tends to overlap with the 1% (but not completely)–believe that we just need to merge with computers and engineer things to “live forever” and the rich can terraform the New Earth to be this beautiful, substantially less populated place, and that with sufficient technology, humans can control everything.

I don’t believe that, either. But you have to understand: these are the two biggest prevailing mindsets out there, diametrically opposed and yet both sort of similar in their eschatological fervor.

We have to build a future world that is in the middle of these two extremes. We need to apply the wisdom of the past towards the innovations of the future–while also maintaining the discernment to know what to chuck out the window along the way.

Empathy is part of the divine side of humanity. Cruelty and greed is a perversion of the animal side of humanity.

The veil is being lifted daily, and we can clearer and clearer see others for who they really are. Who expresses empathy? Who expresses cruelty? Who judges others, but has no self-awareness of themselves? Who can tolerate ambiguity?

Who can love people on a basic level for being themselves; who has the vision to see others not as they are outwardly, but the positive potential of what they can become?

I just have questions, mostly.

This is a good place to stop for now.

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