Scientists Admit That Universe “Shouldn’t Exist” (And Yet It Does)


Well folks, that’s pretty much it; I gotta pack it in. Respected scientists have informed me that based on their data, the Universe (and everything) just should not exist. It all just doesn’t make any sense!, they’ve wailed. That’s it. Gotta pack it in.

As Christian Smorra, researcher at CERN, commented:

All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist.

Basically, the dilemma is this: at the beginning of the Universe, there were equal parts matter and anti-matter. But the problem with that is that each would have cancelled out the other (with no remainder), and there wouldn’t be a Universe.

And yet no matter how these scientists have scrambled to prove that one side of that matter/anti-matter equation is of a larger/smaller quantity—or at least different in any way—they can’t do it.

And studies at CERN regarding anti-protons have only underlined this problem, proving that matter and anti-matter are symmetrical. Thus: there is no logical reason the Universe should really exist.

No logical reason.

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