Ruminations By A Rogue Insect On The Possibility Of Evolution


(originally published April 5, 2019)

A tremendous amount of conspiracy lore focuses on the idea that there is an inhuman cabal of evil who has plotted since the dawn of time to overthrow good Christians everywhere. It’s not always Christians placed in the metaphorical lions den here…but it’s often Christians, or some other very traditional and conservative culture.

In this cosmology, human beings are the very pinnacle of God’s creation here on Earth, the end-point in a divine plan. There is no creature on earth as important or developed than man.

If we look at Darwin’s theory of evolution, mankind still takes that top slot. In neither cosmology are other lifeforms on earth considered even potentially superior in any way (sometimes dolphins get a patronizing nod). Imagine that; how much these two cosmologies have in common. In neither cosmology is the idea that Homo sapiens might not be the final endpoint in evolution seriously considered.

I have come to the conclusion that Homo sapiens as we know them are probably not the final evolutionary divergence for primates. I have come to the conclusion that we are currently at a crossroads for Homo sapiens, and this is part of the reason that so many people are acting crazy and shitty to one another at an accelerating rate.

I go back to the standard conspiracy trope of the cabal of Transhumanist Luciferians plotting the overthrow of “standard” humanity. This trope was born from the primal evolutionary anxiety of having one’s species overthrown by another. And this primal evolutionary anxiety has been operating for a long, long time—usually manifesting in the persecution of any “rogue insects” inside the tribe.

We like to generally believe that we—us Homo sapiens—are civilized and have evolved way past the goalposts of the other primates. And this, of course, is our fatal mistake.
It is my belief that we are only an economic or massive infrastructure collapse away from returning to that earlier state. In fact, I think that shutting off the Internet for even a week might just about do it. And the first thing that’s going to happen during that crisis situation is: the “rogue insects” are going to be blamed and persecuted. We will return to a state of primal religion in which it is believed that anything that does not conform to “God’s Plan” angers God and therefore has to be sacrificed and eliminated.

And even if the more evolved were indeed humanity’s only hope…they’d be sacrificed as blasphemous rogue insects anyhow. The scared lesser evolved humans would rather the entire Earth blow up, like Charlton Heston did in that Planet of the Apes sequel, than allow their own obsolescence to play out.

They would rather die than change. They would rather others die than to allow change to take place. They would rather all die than change to happen. “God’s Plan” must be preserved at all costs.

And the thing is…in this enduring trope, I know where I’m located. I’ve been knocked in the head for being different since day one. Literally, since day one.

I have done everything I could do to understand and sympathize with the “God’s Plan” peeps in this scenario—I would say, far, far more than any of my alleged peers. But in the end, I have to face who I really am. And I’m a rogue insect. Always have been, and always will be.

Of course, there are hierarchies even among the rogue insects. There are replications of the old conspiracy trope at work even within these rogue insect colonies…it’s human nature, really. There are people who claim to be rogue insects who are just the same old conservative God’s Plan types at heart. There are rogue insects even within the colony of rogue insects—and that’s where things get *really* interesting.

I used to talk about this shit a lot when I was a kid—used to talk about it without even being fully consciously aware of what I was saying. And I got my head knocked in a lot for the trouble.

My mother was excruciatingly aware that I was different since I was very very young. I’ve never really gotten over her sheer uncomfortableness around me, her attempts to continually steer me into acceptability. But I don’t think she did it out of malice. She did it because she was only human. My mom, better than a lot of people I knew, had a very firm understanding of what society would and would not find acceptable. And she wasn’t wrong. No, she was not wrong. She was a goddamn prophet, is what she was.

What do you do when the Creator finds you unacceptable? I mean, this is the eternal $250,000 question. I just go back to that scene in Fight Club where Tyler suggests that not only does God not like you, but might even hate you. What an interesting concept to wrestle with! And so we once again go back to the conspiracy trope with which I began this essay. That trope inevitably outlines those who God “hates.” The irony being that the propagandists took that Fight Club idea and subverted it into a cudgel to beat down the heads of the rogue insects yet again. The same way that the other key 1999 movie, The Matrix, has its iconography stolen by the same propagandist dipshits.

So you take the Red Pill—and then you hate and blame the rogue insects, right? Is that how it works? Oh my mistake; in this scenario, the defenders of God’s Plan ARE the persecuted rogue insects.


Yes, of course. And so we go back one more time to the enduring trope.

“You are infringing on my right to infringe on your rights.” And so on and so on, the beat goes on and on.

I see part of my purpose, then—outside of pissing some people off by my very existence—as working my way through these hoary old tropes and pulling out the parts that were stolen and subverted by propagandist dipshits and rehabilitating these parts to be once again used by true rogue insects.

It’s like when I finally sat down and read the Bible in college after professing to be a Christian for most of my life up to that point. I was reading the New Testament, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks…this was about Jesus literally telling us how his words would eventually twisted by propagandist dipshits. It was suddenly so clear to me!

If the Messiah was actually here now...most would never recognize him, and he’d probably get knocked in the head a fair bit. And that’s the pathos of it all for me, when I go back and consider a good portion of contemporary Christian culture. The patriarchs of contemporary Christian and conservative culture would fucking stand in line for a chance to knock the Messiah in the head. Remember that scene from Airplane, where the girl won’t stop crying and they’re all standing in line to knock her in the head? That’s exactly what it would be like.

And so that’s the pathos of it all for me. Christ is going to come back and get crucified yet again…and then whatever seriously bizarre entity that approximates the true “god” is going to be like “Ok, fuck humanity; they just killed my only child. Again. Unleash the Flood/Volcano/Asteroid.”

The kicker is, you could interpret the New Testament, and especially the Book of Revelation, in this manner. The Book of Revelation, in a way, is exactly what I’m talking about here…only, the way it’s been popularly interpreted is just the propagandist dipshits at work once again. Just like with The Matrix.

Somebody points out that The Matrix was made by two trans women, and the dipshits who had previously hijacked the movie’s iconography for their own agenda now are like, “oh, well that movie is too overrated anyhow!”

Can you imagine being so fucking pathetic that this is your fucking reaction?

Well I got news for you folks…if The Matrix’s creators being trans women upsets you…well, don’t do any further research into Jesus Christ. Because there’s a reason that these Gnostic teachings were so ruthlessly suppressed. And it took a seriously neurotic sci-fi writer, of all people, to figure it out.

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