The Persistence Of Trauma: A Synchronicity Story


“Winds in the east, mist coming in, / Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin. / Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, / But I fear what’s to happen all happened before.”
–Bert, “Mary Poppins”

OK. So here is a tale of quite uncanny synchronicity I heard a few days ago first-hand:

A man, who we will call Ted, comes back from the war with PTSD.


One day he snaps when he hears his young son, Mike, crying. He tries, essentially, to kill the son. The son survives, has permanent trauma from the incident.

Mike ends up becoming a soldier too, gets PTSD from combat.


Now Mike has PTSD on top of the PTSD he received from his dad (who had PTSD) trying to kill him.

Mike has a son, Steve. Steve does NOT go into the military. In fact, he wants to stay away from the life led by his father and grandfather as much as possible.


Steve becomes a salesman; travels a lot. Steve’s OK with constantly relocating because he was an army brat, and was moved around all the time; just like his dad, Mike, had to do because of his father.

So one day Steve moves to this new house, and posts a photo of the view from the porch on Facebook. And his dad, Mike, writes (and I’m massively paraphrasing here): “Oh I know that area. That’s where I used to live when I was a young boy. In fact, we lived in that very house in the photo about 500 feet away. Right there by the window—that’s where my dad tried to kill me.


And so: this guy unwittingly moves within 500 feet of where his father suffered massive trauma decades before.

Now: all three parties in this story led lives where they relocated a lot. So we can’t explain this by saying they were all pretty much in the same town or state or anything like that.

But how DO we explain this synchronicity?


Here is what I think:

Steve was drawn to that specific area in a subconscious quantum way because unprocessed trauma within his family was still “raw.” And we can throw in inherited memory, collective memory, Akashic Records, and all that.

The trauma that Mike suffered that horrible day didn’t just impact him—but ended up traveling through the rest of his own family, including Steve. It was a metaphysical “bullet” that kept moving, hurting generation after generation. It was a trauma that BEGGED to finally be acknowledged and addressed…until finally it was literally in this man’s own backyard.


Until the trauma is finally faced and processed, it remains a Force.


It can be covered up in any number of ways, but it still persists; creating, in a quantum sense, eerily similar situations and even representations within the world of “entertainment.”

In the case of Ted, Mike, and Steve, there wasn’t a big “cover-up” of the primal instigating event per se; but it was also never really fully “confronted.” And perhaps at that moment, on Facebook, for whatever reason: this primal trauma did need to be finally acknowledged. It doesn’t have to be this huge intervention; it can merely be this subtle realization that leads to healing.

But the trauma needs to be seen, needs to be noticed; because it’s no longer a memory, but rather a sort of thoughtform or tulpa of its own. It is no longer a memory, but has sort of a quantum sense of tangible “location.”

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