Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, And The Chemical Wedding Of Opposites


“Everything is reversed and backwards. The tiny religious medals of my grandmother—it’s a female Jesus and a slyly smiling Virgin Mary. The construction of all these backward things, these reversals, is by Alice. A very powerful being who can effect reversals in reality. ‘Reversal Alice.’ Clear image of a tall, Mediterranean-looking long brown hair, olive skinned, slim-waisted girl with Byzantine features but modern dress. She had an upside-down heart hanging from a necklace.”
— Dream, 4/4/03

“Specifically, though, I am told to cool it re Christ’s feminine nature.”
—Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

The dream that starts off this post was one of the most primal, archetypal, and possibly “controversial” I’ve had in my life. It features a character that has walked through a few of my dreams over the years: Reversal Alice. And she can, as this dream describes, “effect reversals in reality.”

In particular, the symbol of her “upside-down heart” is quite interesting. Sorta brainstorming one day, I tied it into Philip K. Dick’s treasured golden fish symbol:



“The king and queen must unite into one hermaphroditic being (the ‘chemical wedding’) before being killed, burned, and then regenerated into something new: the royal heir.”
—Tracy Twyman

When the Divine Feminine was taken out of the equation, oh so many years centuries millennia ago…there was imbalance. And the desired balance is something I refer to as Matrix/Praxis: Matrix the feminine principle, and Praxis the male.

Hence, you get the “Chemical Wedding” of opposites.

“The brother, in fact, does eat up the sister who returns and eats up the brother. The poisonous dragon thus becomes transmuted into the prime Gnostic symbol of ultimate unity, the beneficent Ouroboros, or serpent who swallows his own tail.”
— Barton Levi St. Armand


The eternal cycle of infinity-female-male-male-female-infinity. The Ouroboros—another symbol I dreamt of—by name!—many years before I encountered it as an academic concept.

“The growing redness (rubedo) which now follows denotes an increase of warmth and light coming from the sun, consciousness. This corresponds to the increasing participation of consciousness, which now begins to react emotionally to the contents produced by the unconscious. At first the process of integration is a “fiery” conflict, but gradually it leads over to the “melting” or synthesis of the opposites. The alchemists termed this the rubedo, in which the marriage of the red man and the white woman, Sol and Luna, is consummated. Although the opposites flee from one another they nevertheless strive for balance, since a state of conflict is too inimical to life to be endured constantly. They do this by wearing each other out: the one eats the other like the two dragons or the other ravenous beasts of alchemical symbolism.”
—Carl Jung, “Mysterium Coniunctionis”


And so as we contemplate this “radical” (heretical?) idea of a “Female Christ” (tipped off by the slying smiling Virgin Mary)—it helps to consider it not so much as “God Is Female” as “God is Everything.”

God is…”the balance”

God the Father/Jesus the Son (Sun)/Virgin Mary (Holy Spirit as Sophia)


Horus as Christ as perhaps the blending of these opposites. This is what I think the Gnostics (and PKD) were getting at. Not so much “Female Jesus” per se.


But I am only guesstimating.


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