Arcanium #4: The Third Mind


The human ‘being’ can be said not only to be a vehicle for the perception of and participation in the linear physical world, but also is a vehicle for the manifestation of the nonlinear imaginal levels of reality.
—Ingo Swann

[Arcanium is a stream-of-consciousness feature that may-or-may-not have any meaning to you.]

I’ve been really reluctant to start journaling again. I’m avoiding something. It’s not just the exhaustion & distraction of work.

I’m avoiding the sound of my own thoughts.
–Journal, 12.23.16


I watched the Aughts get more and more intense in this regard—the building of hate. I was a witness to it.
–Journal, 1.18.15


I do not wish to be a ‘guardian angel’ or an adventurer. I do not want to be an ‘enlightened one,’ an elder at this time because I am not ready for it.

I am human. I EXIST. At times, I can stray back to the reality & life I knew and momentarily forget all this. But then, suddenly, unpredictably, I become another character.
–“Channeled” Message, 12.20.12


‘Mind’ is a tool invented by the universe to see itself; but it can never see all of itself, for much the same reason that you can’t see your own back (without mirrors).
—Robert Anton Wilson, “Prometheus Rising”


Even if the reality of aliens is announced to the world by credible authorities, a new way of addressing the matter is still essential to any successful understanding. Right now, ‘contact’ would be taken as the beginning of interaction with another society something like our own. From all the evidence, this approach would be a failure. It wouldn’t even come close to the achievement of true communion, which is a matter of at once seeing the true picture in all its complexity, and ourselves in our own ambiguity. To make real contact work we must not forget what is actually the central reality of the whole matter: not only that we don’t know who and what they are, but that we also don’t know who and what we are.

Find them, find ourselves.
–Whitley Strieber, “The Super Natural”

So, it turns out, ‘communion’ is no innocent coming together, no pious and simple feeling of being at one with something greater than oneself, no simple ritual consumption of a little white wafer. It is a sexual climax that is also a psychological destruction, an instinctive awareness that our coming together may mean the creation of a third and greater form which will supplant us as the child does his parents.
–Jeffrey J. Kripal, “Mutants and Mystics”

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